By Glacial Wood / November 11, 2016

3 Problems Coming from Your Vendor That Aren’t Yours to Own

As someone who works day in and day out on custom product procurement, you’re well versed in what the system and process look like. And, because you’re tasked with obtaining the parts and components of various jobs, you want to work with the best vendors and suppliers to establish a repeatable process. When you control who you and your company work with, it might seem like you’re controlling the entire process. That’s not the case as plenty of operational pieces your vendors handle are completely out of your control. Knowing what you can impact and control and what you can’t is an important part of your job. Here’s why.


Custom wood parts are necessary for any construction project and can range from traditional to modern designs which require different processes. When designing custom parts, manufacturers consider what the customer expects in order to develop suitable products. The parts available in the market are designed to meet expectations of customers with varying needs. It’s obvious that the products you procure will have an impact on your completed project. Designing products are often guided by industry standards, and your manufacturing partner should make sure they deliver quality products to buyers in order to obtain preferred vendor status. Do your research in order to best understand the market in order to develop relationships with vendors and suppliers whose products suit not only your needs but those on behalf of your project or client perfectly.

Any construction project has its challenges that should be addressed immediately as they emerge. However, some of the challenges do not arise from your mistakes or errors in judgment. They are pushed off onto you by suppliers who do not pay attention to your needs. By only working with quality vendors you eliminate all problems related to the parts you procure


Along the path to your project’s completion, it’s inevitable that there will be some problems, but it’s key to remember that you should not own or take the fall for these regarding the custom wood parts you buy. These problems often include:

Quality – You have no control over the production of the parts. The manufacturer should ensure the parts being sold meet expectations. You can only be assured of the best quality products by dealing with professionals. Hire smart.

Delivery – A good manufacturer should ensure your project is not interrupted by late deliveries or interruptions in the manufacturing chain. Failure to deliver the materials on time is costly to your work. Therefore, choose a supplier who will not disappoint you. Look for efficient production systems to ensure that your custom deliveries are done on time and within agreed upon parameters.

Project management – The conclusion of your project depends on how well it is managed. Project management requires all those involved to play their roles well. A great manufacturing partner will assist you in your project management endeavors, and handle the project smoothly as though you completed it yourself.


Every construction project is unique and has to be approached differently. Many custom manufacturers have been in the industry for a long time and understand what is required in different circumstances and projects. Your project management can benefit from the rich experience of the supplier for all of your materials. Choose a custom manufacturing partner who stands out from the rest in the market based on the following reasons:


Reputable vendors have a system that ensures all the orders from buyers are received and processed swiftly and effectively. If you are new to the industry or your role, completing due diligence on any new vendor you vet is a great advantage to your position and career. Asking about their process and timelines is a necessary part of your proactive approach to partnership.


The support provided by your vendors and suppliers should be malleable and suitable for all kinds of projects you anticipate. Selecting to partner with those who have been in business for years and supported different projects will grant you the right guidance while avoiding any unnecessary challenges.


In your industry, it’s likely that no two projects are ever the same. Your clients and projects are dynamic and have different expectations and needs. The products available from your custom manufacturer should be designed to meet all needs you may have. The manufacturer should have the ability to ultimately exercise creative skills when designing products that will perfectly meet your customers’ needs, time and time again.

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