By Glacial Wood / December 23, 2015

A Year of Changes at Glacial Wood – 2016 is in Our Crosshairs

We may look different on the outside – new name, new branding, and new website. But on the inside, we’re the same. For 25 years, we’ve been the actual manufacturers of turned wood and squared parts servicing industries of all kind. It was time to recognize the work we’ve been doing needed better exposure. Our goals for 2016 are reflective of the changes we’ve made at Glacial Wood and include three main areas of focus. So technically, while we’re not new here, we have a new way of operating, and transparency is part of it. We thought it prudent to share our goals for the immediate future and beyond with anyone who has the interest. There’s a bit of accountability on the line when you show your hand like we are, and who couldn’t use some accountability in life? 


 Our number one priority is the people we serve. As a tier two manufacturer, Glacial Wood is quite necessary to the facilitating and completion of woodworking projects around the world. What is a tier two manufacturer? Think of it as a supply chain. The term indicates the commercial distance in the relationship between the manufacturer and supplier. The supplier is tier one, the face the end user sees when they make the purchase (so to speak) and they make all necessary final touches and customization before the point of sale. So if you think of the potato display in your grocer’s produce department, Glacial Wood might have supplied the legs or feet to the architect or designer in charge of building the displays.

So not only do we have an obligation toward those customers of ours, we also appreciate the business we conduct with our tier three manufacturers. Those partners supply us with the necessary raw materials, equipment, and tools to complete our job. By committing to a stable and steady workflow without the ebb and flow of downtimes or rush capacity phases, Glacial Wood ensures the supply chain functions at its best potential, which ultimately, benefits the end user.


 When we refer to our craft, that includes our crew of teammates. Our team of craftsmen on the production floor combine for over 80 years of woodworking manufacturing. Glacial Wood is the actual manufacturer, but our crew does the crafting. If we call ourselves a family and swear by unity across every faction of our business, then we should treat our teammates as such. One of our goals is to introduce a Goal Sharing program – which not only empowers every single teammate to act as though they have skin in the game, it illustrates our commitment to our team and belief we have the right people onboard. We believe in empowerment that’s mutual, and our leadership is committed to bringing hands on coaching and mentoring. This will foster a culture that is genuine and our reputation will speak for itself.

 When you have teammates who are respected and have authority, those positive influences will carry over into the work they do. Our image will be that of lean manufacturing and its principles:

  • Respect for teammates, customers, and vendors
  • Continuous improvement
  • Elimination of waste
  • Quality built in
  • Levelized production
  • Just in time production

 Because it’s 2016, nearly every industry has considerations for where they are based, where the production and fabrication will be housed, and where their materials and equipment comes from. Glacial Wood is faced with those same considerations. We’re proud to be an American company and know that makes a difference in the lives of our customers, too.


Our 23,000 square-foot facility is at home in Brooten, MN. We have 28 teammates on our team. It’s been said that structured growth in manufacturing ensures operations will continue smoothly, and that no one is essentially paying attention, just like in the airline industry. Until they’re late, ticket prices go up, or there’s a crash does anyone notice that specific industry. We disagree, and we hope to prove that structured growth can remain consistent while impacting the community around us.

 Glacial Wood is strategic when we talk about growth, because adding structured protects us from expectation, meaning we will do this the correct way that supports our goals. Any business owner will tell you their goal is growth, but at what cost? It has to be controlled. It has to be supported by the company’s foundation and infrastructure. We have to grow our organization structure in proportion to our business. As we grow, we impact our community. We’ll need more space. We’ll need more teammates. We’ll need more suppliers and vendors and support. But, our goal is to do all that at a rate that is reasonable and built for success.

There you have it. Our ultimate task list for the new frontier of Glacial Wood. Lofty, legitimate, and just the beginning. Stay connected to see how we do.


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