The Glacial Wood Difference

Lathe operator hand sanding a wooden turned post

Glacial Wood is the culmination of decades of experience serving designers, stair builders, architects, and cabinetmakers throughout several industries. We’re not your average woodworking company or your average manufacturer. If you seek products from a catalogue, display shelf, or web gallery, you won’t find them here - we are 100 percent custom.

We call West Central Minnesota home. When asked why we’re in the turned wood and squared parts business, we answer, what’s not to love? Our products and craftsmanship make things beautiful, functional, and one of a kind. We liked the idea of that niche specialty and being able to service it from our dot on the map.

We partner with clients from any industry looking for any type of custom, made to order wood manufacturing.

We meet the needs of cabinet manufacturers, stair builders, interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, research and development teams, hobbyists, and more. In a way we specialize in nothing and everything at the same time. Here’s what we mean.

We don’t have a showroom full of prototypes or a catalogue full of specific designs. The unique, varying needs of our wide range of customers are what we specialize in. Glacial Wood crafts your product to your exact specifications without ever handing you something standard.


There is catalog, and then there is custom. We are the actual manufacturer of the turned wood and square part pieces customers are looking for. When you place your trust and expectation in Glacial Wood, what you see is what you get. There are no third parties involved in our process; there isn’t a middleman to negotiate with. What we sell, what we provide, and what we promise will be crafted/manufactured from this facility, every time. We are the actual manufacturer.

We’re not your average woodworking company or your average manufacturer.

Customer service representative reviewing a drawing of a custom ceremonial mace
Team member in shipping preparing packaging for an order


Glacial Wood is a reliable, made to order wood turning manufacturer built on and enhancing a reputation for beauty and accuracy, committed to providing the highest quality turned wood components in the USA. We value our teammates and the pride they have in their craft, continually enhancing the tools and processes necessary to afford the greatest opportunity for their success.


We know that even the most beautiful turned wood products would be meaningless without an outstanding customer experience. Our passionate and empowered team is equipped with the processes and lean manufacturing principles to naturally deliver on this promise, time and time again. Within a Glacial Wood experience, every customer’s unique challenge is met with the same eager anticipation and pride we employ across every facet of our company.


Quality isn’t just apparent in our turned wood products and parts. It’s enforced through every step of our manufacturing process. We emphasize flexibility and craftsmanship. Turned wood manufacturing is more than custom woodworking; it’s often about solutions and Glacial Wood has the expertise to offer those solutions. Customers have original ideas and our team will provide the insight into how adaptations or revisions can take those ideas and create an even better product. Quality isn’t a byproduct of our manufacturing process; it’s ingrained into every step of our creation process. We don’t furnish a catalogue intentionally. This removes all parameters and limitations from our designs and coaxes customers to think bigger and bolder.

We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.