By Glacial Wood / November 17, 2016

Are You Getting “That” Type of Pressure?

When it comes to any job, pressure is an inevitable part of life. However, when you work in purchasing and procurement as a rep or agent, the pressures can come in from all angles. At Glacial Wood, we understand what that kind of pressure can feel like. When pressure is coming from customers, installers, contractors, manufacturers, and the like, it can feel overwhelming. But with pressure comes great reward. Get to know more about what to do when you are getting “that” type of pressure so that you can handle the situation with grace and poise and use it as a positive in your life and career rather than a negative. And get to know how we, at Glacial Wood, can help you to deal with and minimize that pressure.


As your vendors, customers, and the like are putting pressure on you, just keep in mind that you need to stay calm and complete your work as efficiently as possible. The reason that there is so much pressure on you is that your vendors and clients are counting on your expertise and skills to help them create beautiful and high-quality products. The parts that you procure and provide to them through Glacial Wood or other vendors are of vital importance to their projects and keeping this in mind will help you to better understand and handle the pressure put on you.

Are You Getting That Type of Pressure?


Communicating with your vendors is a vital part of your work as a purchasing expert and procurement rep. There are some basic principles that you should follow in order to ensure you are able to properly communicate with your vendors.

Be Clear and Straightforward – To avoid miscommunication issues with your vendors or problems with the parts that they provide to you for your clients and contractors, you want to communicate as clearly as possible. Always be straightforward about your expectations as well as those of your clients when it comes to the parts you procure, the timeline you are working with, and the expectations that you have for your business relationship.

Inform Yourself About Their Products and Business – Making sure that you know the vendors that you are working with will help you to build a better and more effective relationship with that vendor. Your relationship and business transactions will also be efficient in that you will already know the products that they offer.


On top of developing better communication skills when teaming up with vendors like Glacial Wood and the like, you want to be sure that you also work with them to build and maintain a close relationship. Your interactions with each other should feel more like teammates working together rather than two completely separate business entities.

Building these positive relationships is closely linked to effectively communicating with those vendors. You want to communicate with your vendors to establish business goals, set reasonable pricepoints and expectations, and to plan out all of your work together. You will also want to show the vendors you have cultivated relationships with a great deal of loyalty. For example, when you have new contractors and clients that are looking for parts, contact Glacial Wood to provide those parts because you have a relationship with them.

With this information in mind, you can better manage “that” type of pressure in your activities as a purchasing and procurement agent. By building strong vendor relationships and communicating effectively, this will help a great deal to improve your work experience and will transform your pressure into a positive aspect of your work.

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