By Glacial Wood / April 10, 2017

Blame, Shame, and Four Other Things You Won’t Find at Glacial Wood

You may be negotiating with vendors wrong.

Most purchasing agents don’t realize the tremendous opportunity they have for creating a strategic business alignment with their turned wood vendor. Procuring products and pieces is usually seen as a means to an end, but we’d like to challenge that assumption. Why can’t a vendor be a true partner for your business? It’s a dirty little secret: you can be strategic in your vendor negotiations to find a partnership alignment that strengthens your business and places your company in a position for greater success.

When you’re negotiating with a vendor, approach it from a strategic business perspective. Look for a partner who can help strengthen your company—and be on the lookout for signs the vendor isn’t the right partner for you.


Our clients see us as valuable partners in their business—partly because of what you won’t get from Glacial Wood.


At Glacial Wood, we do what we say. Our word means something, and we’ll stand by it. If a rare, unforeseen event occurs, you can expect our team members to honor our commitments to you without giving excuses or passing the buck. But we do everything possible to make sure you’ll never be in that situation to begin with.


designer digital clock time passing, illustrating importance of on-time deliveries

If you’re negotiating with a vendor that makes you feel afraid to ask a dumb question, you’re likely working with the wrong vendor. When it comes to your business and your needs, there are no dumb questions. We’re glad to answer any questions you have and we’ll take pains to make sure you’re fully satisfied throughout each step of the negotiation process.


The best way to derail an important project with a tight deadline is to deal with a vendor who’s suddenly gone radio-silent. While there may be any number of reasons for a break in communication, it doesn’t help you succeed.

Glacial Wood is committed to timely, honest communication at every level of the company—internally and externally. We realize how critical it is to maintain open and reliable communication. There’s nothing more important to the success of your project. Our dedication to communication means there are no surprises on the back end—and if there’s ever an issue, we’ll take the initiative to keep you informed right away.


If you’re negotiating with a vendor who is invested into your business, it’ll show. Those are the suppliers who share your goals at the forefront of their business. It’s more than collaboration, it’s a true partnership. Our customers come to rely on us to act as an agent of their brand, to support their business decisions, and to represent their standards in everything we do.

“We appreciate Glacial Wood for their attentiveness and ability to always be responsive,” said Fallon Miller, Purchasing Manager of Lake Shore Stair Company. “They generally look out for us and that’s incomparable in business.”


You expect your turned wood and squared parts vendor to provide the same quality of service and product that your clients expect from you. We have over decades of combined wood crafting and fabrication experience. Our team uses a unique process that will bring your ideas to life, while keeping costs low for you and your client. We work hard, and we bring our A-game to every meeting, project, and final product.


You can’t get custom parts from a catalogue. Glacial Wood only produces one-of-a-kind, custom products—100 percent of the time. We work closely with you throughout our custom process to understand exactly what your needs are and to produce truly custom pieces that perfectly fit your project.

Custom matters. People can spot catalogue products, which is why we’ll never produce them.


When you place your trust and expectation in Glacial Wood, what you see is what you get. We’re in the business of doing the right thing. We build our partnerships on core ethics that we see as non-negotiable:

  • Collaboration
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Repeatability
  • Custom Design

It’s our commitment to these ethics that helps our business partners succeed. But don’t take our word for it—find out why our clients rely on us.


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.