6 Reasons One Purchasing Manager Chooses Glacial Wood for Custom

I recently spoke with Tammy White, Purchasing Manager at Vision Stairways and Millwork. Tammy has 10 years of experience working in the stairway and millwork industry. As Purchasing Manager, her primary role is dealing and communicating with third party vendors. In Glacial Wood’s case, that means working with Darrick to obtain quotes for the products her company needs, as well as send and receive purchase orders to allow the purchase of the products.

Vision Stairways and MillworkWhy Work with Glacial Wood?

Tammy sends nearly all of her custom work through Glacial Wood. Although she had another custom vendor when she began working with Glacial Wood, her experiences with Glacial Wood have been so positive that they’ve become her primary custom vendor. To hear her tell it, Glacial Wood is “one of the easiest vendors I’ve had the opportunity to work with.” What makes that relationship easy?


Communication is the biggest key in this industry regardless of product. Working with Glacial Wood means there’s no surprises on the back end, and if there ever is any issue, it’s communicated right away.


Intricacy is a big deal right now across the whole millwork industry. A few years ago the in-demand product was standard, wood balusters. Now people are coming in to swap those for either iron balusters or extremely intricate turned wood balusters.

Product Packaging

The overall product has turned out well so far, either meeting or exceeding expectations. Glacial Wood’s products always arrive expertly packaged.


Custom quote requests are met very quickly. Most days it takes less than 15 minutes to get a response. Because their product is American-made, lead times are much quicker than with overseas work.

Excellent Pricing

Enough said.


The millwork industry has a lot of custom need. Having a vendor to send custom information over to and they turn it around into a quality product is probably one of the best selling points.

Tammy's advice for Working with Third Party Vendors

Make sure you’re with the right vendor. We’ve had relationships with previous vendors who made a complicated, drawn-out process, but since we began working with Glacial Wood, everything seems a lot smoother. It’s more about getting it from one place to the other than it is any type of hassle. “We send it to Glacial Wood, and they make it happen.”

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