Custom Wood Parts: Order Turn Times - What You Can Expect

From the time you place an order to the time you receive your product, how long do custom wood parts take? While this isn’t an uncommon question in the manufacturing world, the answer is hardly ever the same. This is partly due to the nature of custom and made to order work, and partly due to the individual process each manufacturer takes. This isn’t to say the timeliness of custom wood orders is unknown – it’s to say that determining a custom order’s turn time isn’t a one-sided conversation.

Because we only stock raw materials, there’s no head-start to our manufacturing process. Instead, it all begins with a discussion of what the end product needs to be. Because of this, determining the timeline of a custom order depends upon a series of variables. Once these variables are known, we apply them to our process, creating a tangible deadline. Although there’s a few steps, know that our customers' custom quote requests are met very quickly.

So, let’s talk variables.

Variables and Custom Wood Parts

Custom Wood Parts: Order Turn Times - What You Can ExpectWhen it comes to custom wood parts, the variables include type and size, design intricacy, material choice, and quantity.  

Type and Size

Newels, balusters, legs, posts and really any custom wood products take a different amount of time due to the specific process involved creating the piece. 

Design Intricacy

One notch per piece or three? How much beveling are we looking at? The intricacy of custom wood parts has as much impact on the shop floor as it does on display.

Material Choice

In large part due to our lean manufacturing principles, we maintain little inventory and source many of our materials post-order. Our sourcing is as local as possible, and we’ve built strong relationships with our materials distributors.


500,000 custom wood parts take longer to manufacture than 5,000. 

How Working with a Custom Vendor Saves Time

Since our focus is custom and made to order wood parts, we don’t just create a single product. Some of our current customers used to source wood products from a variety of vendors, until they found out they could partner with Glacial Wood for multiple wood parts.

The majority of our materials are locally sourced, and everything from design to manufacturing to packaging happens at a single location. This portion of our process significantly minimizes lead time. Local, minimal shipping and in-house manufacturing are all components of our lean manufacturing process.

Timelines and Turn Times You Can Expect

When you work with Glacial Wood as your custom manufacturer, you can expect a partner who listens to your wants and needs and delivers your custom wood parts on time. We meet custom quote requests quickly, and our parts arrive in a ready to finish state. As the customer, you know what you need. As the manufacturer, we understand our process. With those two combined, we provide realistic deadlines with our custom quotes.

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