3 Steps to Ensure On-Time Delivery with Your Wood Supplier

When you're in the procurement business, on-time delivery can mean the difference between a really good day and a really long day. While there are some aspects of delivery you cannot control, there are ways to ensure on-time delivery from your vendors. 

First, let me say this: if getting on-time delivery from your vendors was easy, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But possible and easy are two very different things. Follow these guidelines to keep your procurement process moving. 


1. Communicate Your On-time Delivery Standard

3 Steps to Ensure On-Time Delivery with Your Wood SupplierAt any point during a vendor relationship, all the effort you put into communication will provide a return on your investment. From the onset, keep an open dialogue about expectations. If order turn time is a top priority, make sure your wood supplier knows where you stand

Discuss shipping preferences and possibilities with your vendor, too. They might have an established relationship with a delivery partner that you could benefit from. Above all else, keep open communication at the forefront.

2. Set Benchmarks and Keep Track 

Some wood suppliers are extra attentive up until they've secured ongoing business, and then their dedication to communication and standards starts to slip. If you notice this happening, call out the behavior you're seeing.

Even better, keep track by setting benchmarks and seeing how current performance compares to what you previously had. While some wood suppliers may dismiss your claims of late delivery, the numbers don't lie. 

3. Talk Accountability with Your Wood Supplier

This step is about taking a proactive stance toward getting your wood suppliers to deliver on time. If your vendor is not meeting your standards after you've clearly communicated with them, there might be a larger issue at play. While on-time delivery is possible, it might not be so with every vendor you partner with. And if there's one thing a sub-par wood supplier doesn't want you to know, it's this: you have options.

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