Seven Reasons why you should switch to a lean manufacturer

As a designer, procurement specialist, architect, or any agent who is part of the overall design build process, you know what your tasks entail: finding the people and parts to complete your project. That’s mission critical. The manufacturers who have the people and parts naturally have competition; the trend of quick-response, no-excuses delivery has led to adopting lean manufacturing techniques to drastically cut cycle time and increase competitive edge. Here are seven reasons why you should switch to a lean manufacturer.


Lean manufacturing emphasizes flexibility and more than that, mandates the need for better balance and quicker flow of production. When you partner with a lean manufacturer, your bottom line is affected … in a positive manner. Customer service moves from an associated element to a guaranteed standard. Costs are controlled and communicated with clear transparency. The quality of your parts will never be compromised. Lean manufacturing shifts focus back to where it belongs in the line of production, and that is on people. The entire process becomes a more custom experience.

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