Case Study

Brooks Brothers Cabinetry

Integrity, Honesty, And Working With Brooks Brothers Cabinetry, Inc. On Satisfaction

Lisa Robertson has over two decades of interior architectural design experience and is one of Brooks Brothers Cabinetry designers. Brooks Brothers Cabinetry, Inc. is a family-owned premier kitchen design firm in Colorado with showrooms in Colorado Springs and Monument.

Lisa handles projects from start to finish including facilitating the initial client meeting, to designing, measuring, and pricing out all custom options. Brooks Brothers Cabinetry, Inc. customers are comprised of home remodelers and builders focused on new construction … the company can service it all. They’re involved in commercial work too, which has included hospitals, schools, retail stores, any entity seeking custom casework and displays, but the residential sector is their main client.

“We’ll design and build bookcases, laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, playrooms … any space where families want casework or cabinetry. Because we have the freedom to pull from any of our four manufacturers’ lines plus our own custom work, we have every price point out there available. From builder-grade all the way up to doing anything a client might imagine for their space … mahogany, walnut, cherry wood, curved doors, custom paint … anything!” Lisa said.

Eliminating The Guesswork

Lisa explained her process. “I meet with the homeowner or builder – whoever is in charge of the home’s detail and decisions. The first step is trying to establish budget. From there, I spend time getting an idea of style – of the house, of the customer and what the vision and style is … we can start with a showroom tour, or the builder says, here is our exact plan and we want it in shaker white. As a kitchen designer, I gather needs. Tall cabinets? Staggered? Glass-front? I’ll actually interview the client to get actual detail versus guessing.”

She continued, “We take our expertise from years of doing this and tell them if their ideas are going to work. We always follow national kitchen and bath guidelines … safety concerns and clearances and pure design aesthetics – like, is there proportion and balance? Some people have ideas that simply don’t work and my team has to tell them that. Some people love things arbitrarily – they’ll see a photo on Houzz or Pinterest and I play sleuth to figure out the why. Is it because of the barstools? Is it the cabinet color? Is it the texture? Sometimes it’s a glass door or a light fixture. It’s our job to pick through all that to make it work for the client while staying within budget.”

Bringing An Idea To Life

Some of Brooks Brothers Cabinetry, Inc. more specific custom work has found its way to Glacial Wood; we’ve partnered together for a number of years. From Lisa’s point of view, “Because we do a custom line of cabinets, we can reach out to other vendors and say, “Hey! I want that while referencing a previous product or idea. Or, I’ll tell the vendor, I drew this and need you to make it for me. Brooks Brothers can rely on Glacial Wood what we need to finish a design. The image in our head is often the one piece or component we can’t manufacture.”

She said, “It’s easier for us as a manufacturer to not be “everything”- meaning, we don’t have to make our own doors, crown molding, or finishing if we don’t want to. If someone else is doing the specialty, custom details for our company, we can focus on our own wheelhouse. We trust Glacial Wood to handle our corbels, and our legs. That’s a fantastic source for us. What I like about Glacial Wood is you draw it; they build it. It’s not like we have to open a book and you’re limited to choosing one of seven options. The possibilities are endless. I’ll tell their team, can you guys make this bigger? Taller. Can you curve it differently? If you can simply communicate what you’re looking for they’ll make it work. It’s fantastic.”

“We had Glacial Wood make some beautiful corbels for one of our Parade homes. They were solid maple, probably 50 pounds a piece. The project scope was 30”x20”x7” … just mammoth. They were used to showcase a hood we did and they were absolutely gorgeous. I drew it. They made it. None of our other sources or vendors could do that except for Glacial Wood. We couldn’t have done it without them,” Lisa said.

“We also rely on them for all different wood species. So many vendors are limited in what they manufacture with, but Glacial has a much bigger portfolio and are much more flexible.”

Commitment At The Core

Speaking of flexibility, Lisa has some pretty defined requirements when it comes to what Brooks Brothers Cabinetry, Inc. needs from its third party vendors and suppliers in order to promote (and future-proof) a great relationship:

  1. A clear understanding of what they provide
  2. Variety
  3. Multiple wood species and materials
  4. Flexibility to change something throughout the process
  5. Responsiveness
  6. A very good communication channel

On their website, the company states, “We make every effort to conduct our business with the utmost integrity, honesty, and quality craftsmanship possible. We at Brooks Brothers Cabinetry, Inc. are committed to bringing you complete satisfaction every step of the way.” Glacial Wood is honored to be in the same industry with that company and even more proud to partner with them on projects.

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