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Lakeshore Stairs

84 years is a long time in the business world, regardless of industry. That’s how long Lake Shore Stair Company has been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom crafted stairways.

A Classic Legacy

While not much changes in stairway design principles – there are treads and risers, balusters and banisters – Lake Shore Stair Company has withstood the test of time by remaining true to one philosophy: innovative designs carry a classic legacy. That meshing of old and new school – innovation plus classic – is what led the company to Glacial Wood. Now, we collaborate to continue that legacy. Quality craftsmanship, over eight decades strong.

Lake Shore Stair Company has remained rooted in their commitment to quality craftsmanship and dedicated customer satisfaction – noting that those tools of their trade have never changed. While innovation and increased efficiencies in production and manufacturing have impacted the bottom line, the coreof their business is still people. That includes their family of employees, new and existing customers, and the list of vendors, collaborators, contractors, and other associated individuals who embody the very principle that is Lake Shore Stair Company.

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When Lake Shore Stair Company says they’ve been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom crafted stairways since 1932, they mean it. But, not every component of stair building follows the same rules or guidelines. It’s not uncommon for stair builders to dedicate their craft and talent
to certain parts of the stairway itself, like the risers, treads, and encasement or stringer, whether open or closed. That type of woodwork and manufacturing follows similar structure and design, while the same can’t be said for newel posts, handrails or balustrades, spindles, or balusters. The design and manufacturing of the latter group of stairway components requires woodturning, a form of woodworking that requires a lathe. In some instances, stair builders procure all turned wood and square parts required in their stairway designs.

And in the specific case of Lake Shore Stair Company, that’s the
exact kind of custom their projects require. From straight stairs to curved, spiral, contemporary, and curb stringer staircases, the project requirements and customer specifications run the gamut of traditional and very non-traditional. The turned wood components and squared parts those staircases require don’t always fit into standard parameters or stock. At Glacial Wood, we ensure Lake Shore Stair Company’s designs can come to life because everything they need is custom built, for each and every project.

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Lake Shore Stair Company works primarily with residential builders and architects, as well as restoration specialists. When a bid comes in for staircase builds, Lake Shore Stair Company quotes it and builds it.

The components needed for those specific projects that the company can’t or doesn’t manufacture themselves needs to be procured from a reputable company – like Glacial Wood. Since stairways are considered finished products in both residential and commercial construction, the entire entity and project bears the name and craftsmanship of Lake Shore Stair Company. And, since that is the case, quality, material, craftsmanship, American-made, and timeliness must adhere to the company’s exacting specifications. There are no shortcuts in staircase design, manufacturing, and installation. There is only quality, beauty, and timeless function and form. And, where Lake Shore Stair Company is concerned, quality always comes before anything else.

Which is exactly how we do it at Glacial Wood.

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