By Glacial Wood / October 4, 2016

Communication: An Essential Component for Wood Turning Products

You know that feeling when you’re waiting on a single email or phone call before you can move forward on a project? It can be numbing, even paralyzing, especially as the deadline creeps closer. In this situation, both the solution and the preventative measure is communication.

When asked to describe the most essential components of our industry, it’s easy to list quality materials, manufacturers, and processes. It’s equally sensible to lean toward our partnerships, reputation, and culture. To be completely honest, any and all of these things are essential, and there’s one glue that holds them all together: communication.


Whether you’re a member of our team or a company we partner with, open communication is the key to keeping our process moving. We all work toward a single, big picture goal, so it makes sense to keep everyone on the same page.

Internally, we’ve hand-crafted an atmosphere that supports quality communication. Externally, we place communication as a top tier priority. Communication is one of the biggest keys in this industry, the many stair manufacturers and cabinet companies we partner with for turned or square wood products appreciate how our dedication to communication means there’s no surprises on the back end.


When you’re looking for a manufacturer or vendor, look for the following indicators of their communication habits.


Pay close attention to how long it takes your current or potential vendor to respond to your calls and emails. This is especially important if their response time started out strong and has started to lag as your relationship goes on.


In order to manufacture both custom and made-to-order to your specifications, there needs to be effective interdepartmental communication. If your point of contact lacks an understanding of what different departments handle certain components or doesn’t know the names or roles of others, you may have encountered a red flag.


Typically, the true test of whether someone understands a procedure or process is if they’re able to describe it to others. If a potential manufacturer or vendor doesn’t have the capacity to explain their processes to you, it’s likely a sign of internal confusion or miscommunication.


While communication might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about quality turned or square wood products, communication has the capacity to make or break any project. When you deal in custom and made-to-order turned or square wood products, there’s no standard template. Instead, we’re executing other people’s designs and visions. In order to be successful, there needs to be open, honest communication both internally and externally.

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