By Glacial Wood / December 28, 2016

Communication: What Not to Do with Your Vendor

They say the customer is king. This is true; however, it is also imperative to know how to indulge speech with your vendors, suppliers, and others who make your business grow. It may be difficult to realize how important your relationship is with the company that serves you as a vendor or supplier when you are a customer. Naturally, communication is the main key to the success of a customer and vendor.

You need to be intentional based on how you and your vendor communicate, and this will determine the type of relationship you have. It is necessary to realize the following rules when you are negotiating with your custom woodturning vendor.

Communication: What Not To Do With Your Vendor


It is imperative to stay informed on various issues regarding discounts or other queries you may have with your custom manufacturing or wood turning vendor. You do need to realize the stand that your vendor has and have as much information as you can on the products and services that the vendor provides. Are they truly the right fit for you?


When dealing with any custom manufacturing vendor, it is important you take the lead on the conversation to make the relationship formidable. Each conversation will affect future conversations. Therefore, you need to be polite, honest, and agreeable and refrain from jargon to ensure that future conversations will be done in good faith.


It is imperative to engage your vendor with queries and realize they have the expertise that you might not have. As such, ensure you ask about how they can fill the need that led you to seek out or inquire about their services.


You require accurate information regarding your various queries from custom projects like wood turning. Therefore, you need to ensure you have proper communication with your vendor in order for the said vendor to provide the services that you need.


As expected, it would be very hard to please a person from whom you are not aware of their expectations. You can help your vendors serve you better by giving them the particular needs that you require fulfilled. That is the only way you will manage to keep your business at bay.


When a certain order or project is not handled per your expectation, it’s necessary to talk about the issue, and address how or why the expectation was not met. You need to know the vendor has many clients; they may not have time to realize that your order or project was underwhelming, incomplete, or not to your expectation. You need to communicate directly with any vendor you rely on for your bottom line. 


You need to be very frank about budget and project parameters. It’s an essential conversation you’ll have with any of your vendor partners, but layout expectation right off the bat and be clear and firm. It will be beneficial to your business as well as theirs.


It is necessary to give information to your custom woodturning vendor that a certain product made your business more successful. Your vendor will appreciate your business and serve you better when they realize you appreciate their services. Share and support in any industry are crucial to ongoing success, especially an industry that relies heavily on referrals. 


Be a reliable, timely customer! Don’t forget to return a missed call or an email as part of the relationship and process. You’ll undoubtedly have a timeline associated with your project or order and it’s not just on the vendor to uphold it.

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