By Glacial Wood / October 7, 2016

Custom Collaboration: A Confidential Partnership

The biggest part of what we do is customizing turned wood and squared parts on behalf of our clients’ unique needs and lines of businesses. The products we’ve manufactured range from large custom columns that grace stately homes, to small, niche products that comprise the most minuscule details of very specific product lines. That’s what makes Glacial Wood different than any other manufacturer of turned wood. Our ability to create the exact vision of any discerning designer’s taste. Collaborating with other like-minded business owners who demand the very best products for their customers.


Speaking of collaboration, I’m sharing a particular story here today that I had a hard time formulating how to tell. Here’s why. As a designer, stair builder, procurement agent, or business owner, finding the single best resource to positively influence your business is gold. There’s no doubt you’re going to want to work with a vendor or manufacturer who has a sustainable, repeatable business model. You necessitate trust and a mutual appreciation for each other’s process and team. You want an extension of your company and brand. 


And when you find that gold, chances are you might lay claim to it. Demand exclusivity. Write your name all over it, citing proprietary information you’re not willing to share. That’s the story I’m trying to tell regarding this particular collaboration regarding a partner of ours who is a businessperson. This particular company has a very unique product line, and Glacial Wood is its manufacturer. It might be boastful to say that without us supplying our partner with product, the business would look a lot different. We’re proud to solve this particular need, and even agreed to honor our partner’s confidentiality as we shared this unique experience.


Here’s what our partner says about collaborating on manufacturing products for their business. 

“It’s a relief to partner with a manufacturer who gets it. There is a like-minded appreciation for business and what needs to happen in order to be successful. I feel like I’m sharing that with Glacial Wood as my partner. For years, I obtained my turned wood products from different vendors. I’m to the point where I’ve redefined my process to include Glacial Wood, which has made it better. I get everything I need from one source now. Imagine the difference in having one supplier handle my entire line’s need. Business has been streamlined.”

“Glacial Wood has reduced my own personal workload.” 

“Physically, I was at my limit before choosing Glacial Wood as my manufacturer. This partnership has enabled me to focus on my business instead of solely the products. This is going to help me spend less time on labor and more time on the business end, including sales and marketing. I was turning business opportunities away simply because I couldn’t meet the demand. And, with the expert craftsmen at Glacial Wood now on my team, I should be able to design new products a little easier. The future looks bright thanks to:

  • Positive relationship
  • Responsive sales team and craftsmen
  • Enthusiasm for and about my business and product line
  • Touring the lean facility to see how my product would emerge from a stack of blanks
  • Trust – a mutual trust
  • Wood species – sustainability is so important for my customers – they demand it these days!
  • Packaging – even these details matter
  • Small business appreciation
  • Business-smart – encouraged me to believe that no matter the SKU, they could meet my needs and scalability is a non-issue”


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