By Glacial Wood / May 18, 2016

Custom Quality to Set Yourself Apart

You know how you like things done. Understanding the intricacies of the stair building process means you bring a qualified perspective to your projects, and this understanding likely brings repeat business to your company. Or at least it should.

Anyone can look at a finished product and say it’s not what they wanted, but it takes real skill to realize and readjust during the planning stages. That’s the difference between being proactive and reactive, and sometimes it’s the difference between securing the repeat business or not.


Making sure a project provides client satisfaction hinges on delivery, but all the steps and decisions leading up to that delivery have their impact. Even though you understand the vision and expectations of your company and your clients, there are only so many hours in a day. Because of this, you build a
trustworthy network of individuals and companies.

When you select which carpenters, estimators, salespeople, installers, and suppliers you work with, you’re choosing whose work you’ll put your name on. Some processes are carried out internally, and some are outsourced. Either way, you customize the team you want to work with, the team you trust to deliver.


Hand-selecting your team creates that just-right combination. Your team becomes an extension of your vision, leading to final products that couldn’t have come into existence any other way. That customization gives clients something they can brag about. It’s customization that sets you apart.

We understand this process, because it’s a piece of how we do business. When it comes to crafting turned-wood pieces, we’re 100% custom. When you order railings and balusters from a catalogue, they look like they came from a catalogue, and they feel like they came from a catalogue.


As a builder, you know the importance of quality and design in your materials, and as a businessman, you know what it takes to deliver. What makes Glacial Wood stand out is our custom design process. We do not stock inventory; we stock raw material. Nor are we limited to catalogue offerings. Instead, we leave that creativity up to you, and our role is to support that creativity and bring your vision to fruition. 

We’ll create whatever unique style you want or need. This is how our design process works and why our clients come back to us time and time again. Don’t limit the success of your project by the mass produced materials in a catalogue.

We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.