By Glacial Wood / August 10, 2016

Custom Wood Parts – Turnings, Curved Pieces, and Sourcing the Odd and Unusual

Are you in charge of the construction or design of a building and want custom made stairs? You are in good company with Glacial Wood. We are a custom wood manufacturer specializing in 100 percent custom wood turnings. No two projects have the same results since people have different tastes and preferences. In the case of stair builders, we will supply the railings, balusters, newel posts – any staircase component – to complete your staircase project. Our work is to exact client specifications, and is highly niche and specialized. Here’s how we’re different.


Our primary raw material is wood. We build whatever it is that you want from scratch as we do not have any limitations. There are different types of wood that we can use, all high quality but best suited for different parts of the staircase. They are also different in their colors, hardness, and grain, but not to worry, if you have no idea which one to go for, our craftsmen can help you. There is also particular wood used for different functions. The rail, newel posts, and handrails do not get much pressure. Therefore they can be designed from the soft woods leaving the staircases for the hardwoods so that they can stand the traffic. Some of the raw material we use  are pines (soft wood), red oak (hardwood) and American cherry (hardwood).

Custom Wood Parts – Turnings, Curved Pieces, and Sourcing the Odd and Unusual


Customization, which is our specialty, gives you the freedom of actualizing your dreams. You provide us with a drawing or picture of what you want; we determine how to meet your needs, and we get to work. The first step is creating a drawing of how the final product will appear, and once you approve it, then we get down to the actual work of turning wood into a reality, just like you envisioned it. The time and cost of the entire project will entirely be determined by what you want. There is no single standard or set cost or time for different projects.


With over 80 years of industry expertise, our craftsmen are nothing but the best. We have the talent required to give you exactly what you want. We have long term partnerships with procurement agents, architects, designers, builders, contractors, restoration experts, interior designers, and stair builders. Are you wondering what exactly sets us apart from the rest? It is simple. The passion behind our craftsmen enables you to get the best there is out of the types of staircases you build, no matter the style. You reach out to Glacial Wood with just a simple idea; you leave with a perfect product ready for your finalization. 

Many people go for what they can easily find in catalogues; they want something that can be built within a few days or available as stocked inventory. But there is more to a house than what a catalogue can offer. If you want your clients to be happy, to find a value for their money, and to appreciate the process, then task yourself to find a partner to help you achieve those things. As a builder yourself, you should settle for nothing less than a custom made staircase. Never be tempted to limit your ideas to just a catalogue; explore your imagination. 


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.