By Glacial Wood / August 20, 2016

Did You Know: Floating Staircases Offer More than Fashion

Anyone who owns a two-story home knows how important it is to have the right staircase in place to get between the levels. While some opt for a standard staircase, others are going with a custom process floating staircase to help further enhance their home. But, adding in one of these staircases is about more than just making a fashion statement. These staircases offer a lot of added benefits that many people often overlook. At Glacial Wood, we create unique, custom wood turnings that are based on the client’s individual specifications. Floating staircases are no different.

Floating staircases are a form of stairs that don’t have any supporting structure to hold the steps in place. Depending on what the building code calls for, you might not even need to have handrails installed on these staircases. The reason they garnered the name floating stairs is because of the way they look when they are installed. It seems almost as if the steps are floating in mid-air.

Custom staircases go beyond just looking amazing. There are a number of other benefits that come from having one of these stylish pieces installed in your home. Check out some of the other benefits these ingenious inventions provide users.

Did you Know: Floating Staircases Offer More Than Fashion


A custom process floating staircase goes beyond a traditional staircase. It adds a dramatic touch to any room and makes people take notice of the addition to your home. These staircases create a centerpiece so to speak that makes people want to look at them more and try to figure out how they are staying in place. With so many different customized designs available, you can easily make your staircase into anything you like.


A traditional staircase blocks out the view to the other side and prevents you from being able to see from one room into the next. With a floating staircase, you don’t have to worry about blocking your view into the next room. Because of this, it opens up the space and makes it seem like you have more space than what you do. This tends to work extremely well when dealing with a smaller space and you don’t have a lot of added space to work with.


Depending on where the stairs are located and what you are looking to do, you could use the underneath as an added storage compartment. This works great if you don’t have a lot of storage inside of your property and are looking for somewhere convenient to put your belongings out of the way without cluttering the inside of your space. You can have the floating staircase designed in such a way as to maximize space and create additional storage space right where you need it.

With a custom process floating staircase, you simply let the stair builder know what you are looking to achieve and they will go to work bringing it to life. All staircases are made according to your individual wants and needs, so you are always going to get exactly what it is that you want and nothing less. From a floating spiral staircase to a traditional floating staircase, the possibilities are virtually endless in what can be done.


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