By Glacial Wood / October 25, 2016

Essential Components of a Dream Foyer: Aesthetics, Value, and Stairways

The entry foyer is the first impression guests have of a home’s interior. Sure, the external appearance makes a significant impact – the exterior’s design as well as the accompanying landscaping. However, for both first time and repeat visitors, it’s in the foyer where a guest’s expectations of your home are first met, exceeded, or underwhelmed.

While the grandness of a foyer has less to do with the level of formality and more to do with its concept and cohesion, there are essential components capable of turning a foyer into a dream foyer.


Before determining concept and design, begin with an assessment of the current space and your wishes for its future functionality – especially on a remodel when the new build must fit within an existing framework. Consider how you intend to use the space.A thoughtfully composed foyer will continue to provide intrigue and value long past its initial reveal. Will future guests benefit from having available seating? Do you wish for a chest or trunk to place deliveries on as you sign for them? Does your coat closet store as many coats as your dining room seats? Would adding a fireplace keep your greetings warm all year round?


One essential foyer component that combines function and fashion is the staircase. The placement, style, material, and design of a foyer’s staircase mustn’t be ignored. Because, foyer stairways bridge the physical space between floors while framing the space and inviting movement.


As effective as a foyer stairway can be in setting a home’s tone, creating the desired impact must be purposeful. Perhaps the least desirable response a foyer redesign can inspire is one of sameness. When a guest remarks how they’ve seen the same design elsewhere, the style quickly transitions from that of a leader to that of a follower. 


The stair builders and designers who source their made to order wood products from Glacial Wood are those looking to make a statement with their stairs. Made to order matters because it’s the pathway to getting exactly what you’re looking for without making the same product available to others.

For Glacial Wood, it’s a way to provide significant value to our customers and their clients. It’s our contribution to helping others execute their vision. The value of made to order wood parts is unique and it reveals itself over time – just like your dream foyer.

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