By Glacial Wood / April 29, 2016

Hollywood’s Most Iconic Staircases

Staircases have become iconic pieces of artwork that are displayed all around the world. The 1635 Tulip staircase at the Queen’s House and the spiral stairs in the Vatican Museum are just a few of the many famous and historical staircases “to heaven” that have been recognized. As technology advanced, designers gained inspiration from movies and televisions shows that display extravagant and unforgettable staircases.


Many of us grew up being exposed to one of Hollywood’s famous staircases without even knowing it. Remember the movie Titanic? The grand staircase starred in many scenes in the movie: when Jack and Rose had their first formal meeting, when the ship was sinking, and the shooting scene between Jack and Cal. Its elegance and beauty encompassed all that a grand staircase should display. 

Brady Brunch

Another famous set of stairs belonged to the Brady Brunch. The stairs became the focal point in the annual family photo every year to show just how much each family member had changed. These 70s inspired floating stairs are making a re-appearance in the designs we see created for homes today. Designers are taking inspiration from the Brady Brunch stairs and 2016 trends to amp up staircases and give them a modern twist. Check out this article on the 21 most interesting floating stair designs to see how staircases have evolved. 

Home Alone

Home Alone gave inspiration to viewers and to designers because of one scene: the stair sledding. Kevin, the young boy in the movie, takes a sled and slides down his staircase and right out the front door. Not only did this influence kids to try a new past time – but it created so much buzz that people were wanting replicas of the Home Alone house. 

Harry Potter

Another staircase that caught major attention was in the famous Harry Potter series. However, this staircase didn’t get raved about because of the wood it was made out of or the amount of grandness it had – it was different. Harry Potter spent most of his childhood living in a cubby underneath the staircase. It showed viewers and designers that there is more space to a staircase than meets the eye. If the stair scenes didn’t show that the space underneath a staircase provides endless opportunities, we don’t know what will. 
(Photo by: Catterfly Worx)


We have seen the amount of attention staircases can get in the films mentioned above and in classics such as Cinderella, Pretty Woman, and Risky Business. It’s clear that a structural design in a home can be so much more than it appears. Stairs can make an impact and be the focal point of any home or room, all while making your journey to the second floor that much more enjoyable. The time and effort being put into designing a staircase is an important process – who knows, it might just be featured in a Hollywood film one day. 


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