By Glacial Wood / October 19, 2016

How Custom Wood Stair Parts Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

I’ve heard it said that custom wood products are great, but they have their place. While I agree with the statement, I disagree with the sentiment behind it. From my experience, the proper place for custom wood products is wherever they’re desired. They belong in individual homes and housing developments just as much as they belong in national hotel chains.  

You heard that right. Sourcing custom wood stair parts is ideal for large-scale operations. Despite any perceptions that might cause some to think otherwise, there’s space for quality craftsmanship and customization in commercial builds. In fact, I’d say most of our custom process thrives in large scale production.


One of the first things I like to mention about custom wood stair parts is their tendency to take something that would otherwise blend into the background and make it stand out.

When wood stair parts are machined at a standard size and style, they’re less likely to get noticed. It’s natural to scan past elements you’ve seen time and time again in search of something visually interesting.

By incorporating custom wood stair parts into your stair building project, you’re creating an opportunity to be noticed. With custom, we move beyond pure function and purpose, focusing on the aesthetic value and quality of turned wood pieces.


The process of sourcing custom wood products is more simplistic than the average person might think. Here at Glacial Wood, we implement lean manufacturing principles throughout our process. Over time we’ve identified the bottlenecks within all areas of our manufacturing process and implemented changes to alleviate them.

To our customers, lean manufacturing translates into, among other things, faster turn times for custom wood stair parts. We respond to custom quote requests from our customers on the same day – oftentimes within the same hour. One thing to keep in mind is that throughout any changes and innovations we never compromise quality.


When you source your custom wood stair parts from Glacial Wood, you’re impacting the overall effect of your finished project. Imagine if your stairway balusters evolve from functional pieces into focal points. Customizations have significant impact within commercial builds because whereas standard fits in, custom stands out.

We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.