By Glacial Wood / March 22, 2016

How Custom Woodturning Influences Design Trends

In this continuously evolving woodturning industry, our team at Glacial Wood is always learning and adopting the latest trends and techniques, in order to deliver top custom solutions to our customers. Turned wood is architecture; and its existence in designs spanning a multitude of industries has evolved, and will continue to evolve as designers persist in their roles to bring beauty and craftsmanship to projects everywhere.



The modern home, hotel, or commercial space is always evolving. Whether the materials, strategies, and concepts change from year to year, one major theme resounds over and over again: custom. The ability to choose as much (or as little) of the detail as a homeowner or proprietor wants is always going to be in style. Some of the bold predictions for 2016 include:

  • Two-tone kitchen cabinets – white, light, or neutral wood keeps upper cabinets clean and timeless while balanced with deeper, warmer colors on the lower level. The variations in this instance are endless. The turned wood featured in such designs can incorporate both tones as displayed, and further pull together the overall appeal. 
  • Workhorse islands – forget traditional eat-in islands with space for a candle and wine rack maybe, these beefed-up versions of extra space give kitchens more … everything. While they provide additional workspace, they feature deep storage; prep sinks, room for seating, and even cooking surfaces.
  • Mixing materials – pairing walnut turned wood or square parts with a hotel bar’s white cabinetry or granite countertops is both unexpected, and on point. Designers are embracing the mixing movement, and playing around with unexpected modern materials, finishes, and colors.


Wood is by far the most popular interior design material. With softwoods and hardwoods, the varieties of colors, grain characteristics, and textures to please any palette, wood emphasizes its versatility to designers in unending ways. While stone, metal, clay, glass, brick, or any manmade materials lend themselves to the overall aesthetic of design projects in intentional ways, there’s just something clean and organic about wood. That’s where turned wood and square parts do their best work – complementing a design’s overall appeal, strategy, and function. And because custom woodturning can be done on such a large scale – say 12-feet pieces, the affect can be of great magnitude.

Design has been paying subtle homage to wood and other components of nature for decades. While history has shown a more traditional use of the medium including tables and legs, furniture, staircases and balusters, and cabinets, the wood being incorporated into the design of today’s spaces is anything but. Consider a lobby wall in a modern hotel paneled with reclaimed pine, set against the juxtaposition of cool, gray stone flooring. Incredible. 


Woodturners are creators. The ideas, design, and decision that go into each and every piece of turned or square wood parts is reflected in the final shape. The specialization our team of craftsman possesses has come from years of working with wood to understand it, interpret it, and respect it. We never intend to create something in industrial scale – that is the specialty of the designer working on the overall project. Their individual specialty or niche is to create, build, or establish something large scale, with huge added value. A showroom. A bar. A lobby and reception area. A kitchen of grandeur.

Woodturners not only bring the designs of those projects to life on behalf of the designer or architect, but he does it with his own hands. That’s what makes us true manufacturers. That’s how what we do and what we love influences what you do, and what you love.


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