By Glacial Wood / March 15, 2017

How Glacial Wood Saves its Partners Money, Time, and Energy

Money. Time. Energy. Imagine if we had unlimited amounts of all three – wouldn’t it be great? In a sense, yes, but while we can’t create endless money, time, or energy, we can make decisions that give us more of each. For our customers, the decision to procure their manufactured wood parts from us is one of those decisions. Here’s why.


Here at Glacial Wood, we understand that some days you’re pulled in a bunch of different directions and left cleaning up the messes others have left for you. But just because it happens doesn’t make it right. We work to keep each of our purchasing relationships mutually beneficial and effective.


First things first, it’s about the product. The wood parts procured from our facility are evaluated for quality during every step of the manufacturing process. Every single employee shares the responsibility of quality assurance, and we take it very seriously.

Our dedication to quality means you receive the wood products you need in the quantities that fit your project. Lower material variance means you’ll pay a lower price per piece. 


We place a premium on detail at Glacial Wood. There’s a lot of demand for custom woodwork right now, and custom is all about the details. There needs to be consistency across all pieces, and an ability to execute the level of intricacy a project requires. When you get it right on the first try, there’s a lot of money, time, and energy saved. 


Honestly, open and honest communication is one of those things you have to give in order to get. We keep everything upfront and honest with the purchasing agents we partner with. And you know what? It pays off. They know that we’re going to return their custom quote requests within the day or two – and we know that if any issues ever arise that we can communicate about it openly to reach a solution. 

When your professional relationships are built upon product quality, attention to detail, and communication, everything else comes along much easier. From a strong foundation, even things like trust and understanding are possible within long lasting relationships. 


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.