By Glacial Wood / August 15, 2016

How Lean Manufacturing Benefits Stair Builders Across the Country

Staircases are meant to connect two levels of a home or building. They are a gateway of sorts that allow you to enter into a whole new environment inside of the structure. But, each staircase is different. It is designed to accommodate the needs of the consumer. Your staircase should speak to you and draw you in. Because of that, our team at Glacial Wood provides you with all of the custom newels and baulsters for railing systems you need to complete your next staircase project.

You are in complete control of the type of staircase you want. Because we build every staircase component according to your individual specifications, we can help minimize waste and cut down on installation time. Lean manufacturing not only helps prevent having a bunch of wasted materials around the job site that have to be cleaned up, but it also helps save on costs because you are only using the amount of materials that you need to get the job done. There is no need to pay for materials that you are simply going to end up throwing away at the end of the day.

At Glacial Wood, we specialize in 100 percent custom wood turnings that meet our customers’ expectations each and every time. By listening to what it is that the customer wants, we can work together to prevent waste through lean manufacturing. With lean manufacturing, it isn’t about just removing waste from the project; it is about preventing it from happening to begin with. Our company has worked hard to develop our skills and really focus on delivering only what the customer asks for in their staircase project.


With lean manufacturing, it helps to improve the level of customer service each customer receives. You are able to deliver exactly what the customer wants right when they want it the most. There is no guesswork or confusion involved. You deliver only what the customer has specified.

How Lean Manufacturing Benefits Stair Builders Across the Country


Having to try and cut and trim all of the different components needed to construct a staircase can take a lot of time. When you have all of the pieces custom-made, it helps improve overall productivity levels and adds value to each person’s job. You get the job done faster, without having to compromise on quality.


Since all products are manufactured to match precise specifications from the customer, you don’t have to worry about near as many defects in craftsmanship. It also cuts down on your having to rework the staircase.


With every piece being custom-made, there is no waste involved. Not only does that cut down on disposal costs, but it also cuts down on physical costs involved in having to hire someone to pick all of the waste up. You also don’t need as much space to house all of the items involved in the construction of the staircase.


Because all of your staff members can be involved in the process, it helps to boost morale and improve participation. Everyone can have their own role in the construction of the staircase, making everyone feel like they are an important part of the process.

With so many different benefits to lean manufacturing, there is no reason why your business should use anything else. It can save you money, time, hassle and stress. Building a staircase has never been as fun and exciting as it is with our custom-made products.


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