By Glacial Wood / December 19, 2016

How to Control Your Turned Wood Project When You’re Not In Control

When things are running smoothly and the relationship between you, your company, and your vendors operates like a well-oiled machine, it’s easy to lose focus of the effort and dedication it took to reach this point. As the primary communicator between your organization and your vendors, you know better than anyone how often circumstances are beyond your control, but upon a closer look, you may find areas where you can influence situations to bend in your favor. 


If the idea of your organization’s vendor relationships functioning flawlessly brought about a scoff or an eye roll, you might be in a situation where you feel a lack of control. Even worse, if that lack of control is accompanied by a more-than-fair share of the responsibility. In business relationships, not being in control or not knowing who’s in control can make it difficult to lead a project toward success. While you cannot control every aspect of every task, you can find spaces to impact those things outside your control. Here’s how. 


Perhaps the best advice I can give here is this: be clear with your needs and expectations, leave zero space for misunderstanding, and don’t hold anything back. It might sound obvious, but issues can easily stem from an inability to communicate. Bringing this type of honesty to the forefront will help you get to know your vendors, and it’ll help you build relationships with them.

It’s not just about getting to know their catalogue and scope of work, it’s about getting to know the culture, too.This will enable you to communicate effectively, which in turn will improve your work experience and transform your turn times. If it ever feels as if you’re not being heard, consider finding different words or a different way to make your point. It’s important to remember that miscommunication is a two-way street


Although we specialize in custom and made-to-order turned wood and square parts, what I’ve laid out here is applicable to most other vendor relationships as well. My final piece of advice is to get to know your vendors as if they were another member of your company. In our case, we know the companies we work with take our turned wood parts and use them to complete projects for their customers. We know it’s not just our name on the line when we ship our products, and that’s something we take seriously.

When you partner with Glacial Wood, we work with you to establish a successful, repeatable process. Some of the best and strongest relationships – business or otherwise – occur when everyone understands their role, the things within their control, and the things outside their control. You bring expertise and your skillset to help your company obtain beautiful, high-quality turned wood products. In return, we’ll be a vendor you can rely and depend on. 

We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.