By Glacial Wood / February 20, 2017

How to Find the Best Quality at the Best Price from Wood Suppliers

The parts you source become a representation of you and your brand. The attention to detail, quality, and consistency of your procured parts reflects upon your organization. In the same vein, every project has a budget. When you’re caught in the crosshairs between quality and price, keep these tips in mind.


Working with wood suppliers includes a fair amount of price talk. When you’re looking for high-volume turned wood parts, the price you pay per piece when you order and the price per piece you pay on the back end isn’t always equal. Parts that arrive damaged due to shipping issues or lack of attention to detail add up to create a variance between parts ordered and parts received. 

When you pay a lower price per piece by sourcing from one vendor and then the quality of the parts received renders 15 percent of the order unusable for the intended project, your price per piece suddenly skyrockets.  


Wood suppliers who can consistently supply you with the materials and services you need for your business provide value. Imagine if you were to put a price on your time. How much is the time you spend waiting for calls and emails to be returned worth? What about the time spent on problem solving when inferior product shows up when you’re under a tight deadline?

Some wood suppliers may view quality assurance with less seriousness than others, but that’s not universal. Quality control doesn’t have to be just one person with a checklist at the end of the manufacturing process, it can be built into every step. The attention to detail that slashes material variances can be the responsibility of every person who works to manufacture a wood part. 


Good suppliers are essential to every business, and the attention to detail that creates a quality product does not materialize out of thin air. It comes from passionate and informed teams who understand what quality looks like, what quality feels like, and what quality means. If you want value out of every manufactured piece you source, work with a supplier who inspects and perfects each piece all the way through. 


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