By Glacial Wood / November 23, 2016

How to Keep Your Wood Turning Projects on Time, on Budget, on Expectation

Would you, as a contractor or builder, want your project to go to completion on time, at a fair cost, and to suit your building expectations? If you’re working with a turned wood manufacturer who specializes in custom items for a variety of industries, you’re expecting the best service, product, and commitment. How can you be assured that no matter the turned wood items your client or project requires you’ll stay on track with the process? Things always occur through any project’s lifecycle which can cause a project to fail or be challenged. Here’s how you can manage any custom manufacturing process.


Some of the worst things that can happen in your custom procurement process can lead to cost overruns, late completion, and misallocation of resources. Here are some warning signs that your wood turning projects might be delayed, and just how to prepare or deal with them:

Design Errors: Proper presentation and clarity of your client’s requirements is important to ensure there are no wrong applications of techniques in achieving the required results. Identifying potential design errors which could unfold during the material usage will directly affect the project delivery time and costs. You should ensure that you get the involvement of a professional manufacturer to ensure this never occurs.

Scope Change: The project’s scope should be set in stone so as not to force accommodation of any future or unplanned changes that can delay the project’s execution. This helps save your time and expenses as well as sanity. You should be an essential part of this planning phase and exacting expectation. 

Procurement Problems: When procuring items with a manufacturer or service provider, you must be clear on the contract aspects and deliverables in order to avoid future disputes that would cause delay and costs to bloat. Do your research, trust your instincts, and be relentless in the pursuit of excellence. 

The Complexity of the Project: Finally, you should ensure that depending on the complexity of the project whether big or small, you bring out a clear picture of what you need, be it custom or made-to-order materials to the manufacturer depending on their projects and their clients’ preferences to prevent delays and costs.


On the other hand, deliveries and installation or issues with fulfillment might jeopardize the timeline of your projects in one way or another. Contractors should initiate repeatable procurement procedures to combat issues within that process. You can do this by obtaining services of a professional turned wood manufacturer who will be in a position to design and deliver the custom wood materials and items on time and within expectations. Contractors and builders can make mistakes during deliveries and installations too which would adversely affect their expenditure and timeline on the other side of your project. 

  • Always proactively crosscheck the dimensions of the products you need and what is the best way for you to communicate your exacting needs.
  • Be lean when it comes to how you procure the right quantity of products to prevent shortages or excesses of the required type.
  • Continue to mind the installation sequence and the exact places your materials will be delivered to make sure  the installation is done to completion in the best method possible to the integrity of your designs and parameters.


Glacial Wood is in place to support your custom or made to order turned wood projects by committing to get your procured wood turned products on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. As a builder or installer, what you need to do is to protect and promote your clients and projects. As a custom wood manufacturer, what we do is the same. Trust us as your partner. 

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