By Glacial Wood / May 19, 2017

How Your Large Scale Project Benefits From Custom Work

What could custom wood parts do for your commercial interior design business? Would the access to custom work transform your finished projects, enhance the clients’ satisfaction, and provide an impressive final result? Though many large-scale projects seem to require more readily available, off the shelf materials, this is not true. In fact, no matter the scale of your project, it’s likely to benefit significantly from the inclusion of more customized pieces. And, it may be easier than you think to pull off the feat.

How Your Large Scale Project Benefits From Custom Work with Glacial Wood


You could purchase materials and pieces to your project from a mass producer. In those cases, human hands handle very few components of the process. They may not even play a role in the actual design process. On the other hand, you can trust your project to the experts. When you work one-on-one with experts, you gain numerous benefits including:

  • The ability to communicate with someone about your specific needs
  • The opportunity to use the expert’s skills and knowhow to craft something that’s truly one of a kind
  • The ability to ask questions and brainstorm ideas and options
  • The enhanced opportunity to better control the final details of the project
  • The benefit of more or less involvement in the production process based on your unique needs

Most importantly, when you work with experts on your large-scale project who can handle the detail work, you gain the ability to achieve your vision fully. There’s no settling for a material or piece that doesn’t perfectly fit. That can be quite empowering even for well-established commercial interior designers.


What defines truly impactful, memorable spaces? It is not the size of the space or the overall layout in most cases. The most memorable places are those that have intricate details that tell a story and create a vision when put all together. It is in the small details in the wood grain and the individual features of that piece of furniture you place in the room that helps to tie it all together. Most importantly, these details – from color and cut to size and scale – make the project a success and a stand out.

Customized wood parts accentuate design aspects in every project. If you’ve spent a great deal of time working on the details of any project, it is in the detailed, custom wood parts that your project will make a statement. Is this what is occurring with your current projects? On a large scale, details tend to blend in to the overall look, but these details are what define your success.


There is no job that is too small or too large when it comes to custom wood parts. It is a misconception that a local artisan cannot produce the quality and amount of material needed for your project. If you take the time to invest in their expertise, you will find custom work is the very best option for your needs.

Work with a provider of custom wood parts. Give them the opportunity to explore the intricacies of your project with you. And, work together to make every detail come to life. No matter what the scale of your project is, it will not stand out or create the desired outcome unless and until you can add the custom elements desired to it. The best way to achieve this goal on a large scale is to turn to a custom provider. It could help ensure your next project truly makes a statement.

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