By Glacial Wood / June 28, 2016

If You Only Join One Professional Organization: Make it This One

Are you a professional who is interested in enhancing your career or skills? If you said yes, you probably have a desire to learn more about your industry, connect with other professionals, and are curious about staying up-to-date on the latest trends in your field. Joining a professional organization might just be a great option for you. So, what do you gain from becoming a member and getting involved? These are just four of the many benefits and opportunities you will be exposed to when you decide to become a part of a new community.


Would you like to increase your professional relationships? The members that are a part of an organization find relationships important and value them. They enjoy building each other up, sharing ideas, and supporting each others’ goals. Having a network that supports what you do and shares similar goals, allows you to connect and learn from one another. Who knows, you might even find a new friend or business partner along the way!


Do you have a passion for learning more about your craft? If you have a craving to enhance your professional skills, then joining an organization will be the answer to your prayers. There are endless seminars, workshops, meetings and events available to members to encourage growth and networking so you can learn from the best.


Professional organizations give you the opportunity to become a leader in your industry that you might not otherwise have had the chance to do. If you have years of experience in your field, you have the opportunity to give back to your community and educate others on your expertise. And vice versus, joining an organization gives you the chance to seek out an expert that can help guide you through your professional passions and goals.  


The passion you have for your craft sets your soul on fire – and you’re not alone. Becoming a part of a professional organization’s community exposes you to an array of people that share your passion and can contribute new ideas and personal growth opportunities for you. These people get you. They have probably experienced similar problems, concerns, and victories that you have. You never know, their insights could inspire and motivate you to try something new or take on a challenge!


The Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association (SMA) aims to make a difference in the stairbuilding and manufacturing industry and community. Their mission is, “to be the greatest resource of knowledge and tools contributing to the success of our members and the stair industry.” Members make an effort to create safer stairs by developing new building codes, stay current on new industry techniques, and educate others on these trends through seminars and classroom visits.

What do they offer their members?

The benefits of joining the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association are endless. Members are surrounded by the best of the best in the stair industry and have opportunities to learn from these experts at meetings and national or local events. SMA offers a national workshop tour and conference every year to members and non-members. These events provide opportunities to participate in conferences and exhibits while networking, learning, and celebrating the stair industry. They also offer committees for members to participate in to further their skills and knowledge in specific areas. Some committees include: quality standards, education, and code and research.

SMA members are also encouraged to participate in the Stair Craft Awards, a healthy stairbuilding competition that is judged by peers in the industry. Participants get insight on how their staircase projects are viewed in aesthetics, safety, quality, and technical challenge by experts. This organization places high value on continuous education and self growth and the sharing of knowledge – they even offer SMA professional certifications so members can get recognized.  


Manufacturers are no strangers to working with the members of the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association. Joining this professional organization holds a sense of credibility and can give you opportunities to work with manufacturers and other SMA professionals. So, why do we and other manufacturers love SMA and partner with their members? These members have vast knowledge in the industry and are dedicated to stair codes, standards, and professional ethics. They are trusted and held to a high standard that creates a unique opportunity for growth when they partner with a manufacturer.

At Glacial Wood, we work with SMA members to deliver the highest quality products in a shortened period of time. Are you a member of the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association or another association and are interested in working with Glacial Wood? Contact us here or connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn to learn more about who we are.

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