By Glacial Wood / July 18, 2016

Looking for Reliable? Ask Our Friends.

As a custom turned wood manufacturer, we deal primarily in wood. We can create any custom piece of turned wood or squared part to exacting specifications of our customers. We aren’t bound to any parameters, we are not limited by a catalogue or certain style or trend. The sky is the limit at Glacial Wood, and here are three great examples of how we mean different things to different industries.

Greenfield Cabinetry

Jay Louk @ Greenfield Cabinetry … Purchasing Supervisor

I’ve been in my position for 15 years. I’m tasked with finding reliable, repeatable business with our vendor partners. I handle procurement of our custom construction projects, and fulfillment and shipment and time management are so crucial to our business. Our lead-time is what it is; we have to machine, build, sand, finesse, stain, and ship all components of our job within a specified lead-time. The companies we partner with have to respect and understand our process and ensure they will only enhance our production. None of our parts or components from Glacial Wood contains anything that comes from China or overseas; it’s all made in the U.S. We also appreciate their use of green or natural building products.

2015 was our most successful year; and Glacial Wood has been a real big part of that. Since we were introduced to them over four years ago, they’ve done a phenomenal job. The squared parts and turned wood pieces they manufacture for us are featured in high-end, completely custom kitchens, libraries, and dining rooms in residential spaces across the southeastern part of the U.S.

We were introduced to Glacial Wood by a former sales rep of ours, who hailed from Minnesota. He knew the kind of work they did, and the company came highly recommended. They do a fantastic job – and we look forward to many more years of partnership together.

Lake Shore Stair Company

Fallon Miller @ Lake Shore Stair Company … Purchasing Manager

Lake Shore Stair Company has been a Chicago-cased stairway designer, manufacturer, and installer for 84 years.We rely on Glacial Wood for procurement of staircase parts that must fall in alignment with our set of standards. I handle scheduling and purchasing of the turned wood and square parts Glacial Wood completes for our custom projects. Builders, contractors, and architects will reach out to Lake Shore Stair Company with their part specifications and tell us what they need for their projects.

While we have the capability to manufacture things like balusters and newel posts, we prefer to outsource to Glacial. It takes us longer and costs more in resources than is productive for our bottom line. I think they’ve been producing our custom turnings for something like 10, 15 years or something crazy. We never have a question when it comes to Glacial Wood. When it comes to newels or balusters, the material is never going to be off; the turnings will never be wrong. Everything is always, always, always great. They always take care of us.

In my role, I deal primarily with Sarah Hagen. She’s always so great with helping out, no matter what I’m reaching out to her about. If we have a rush order – and in this industry, they simply happen – I call Sarah and say, I’m so sorry, but is there anyway we’ll be able to get this? I have literally called her on a Friday and they had our custom-made parts shipped by Tuesday.

Our most recent example of customer service and dedication to our company came from a Lake Shore Stair Company customer who had custom turnings from Glacial Wood dating back to 2004. Our profile system in our database had changed since then, so I asked Sarah to help. What our customer physically had didn’t match what the database said he had, so I asked her what her records showed. Between her and John Wuollet at Glacial Wood, they were able to find the record, confirm the turnings, and order replicated balusters that matched the originals.

I appreciate, and we appreciate, Glacial Wood for their attentiveness and ability to always be responsive. They generally look out for us and that’s incomparable in business.


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