By Glacial Wood / June 11, 2019

Making the Turn


It’s no secret that Glacial Wood is a master lathe shop. For newels, balusters, and spindles, we’re an industry jewel. However, in an industry that constantly changes with interior trends, we’ve adapted and expanded to create custom treads for floating staircases.


Floating staircase

One of our top customers is a Southern California company, who is known as the primary staircase resource for celebrity clients, star architects, and design professionals in the Golden State. Ever since they tapped Glacial as their custom builder for all treads, risers, and landings, they’ve turned their in-house woodworking shop into a Glacial Wood Products storage facility.

As a result, the featured staircase company has freed up their time to focus on sales and building the steel stringer assemblies and accessories that hold up our treads. They’re scoring the fat 35% on installations without losing time and money on tread/riser builds. I’m happy to report that their sales have skyrocketed a whopping 30% since the partnership began. Win-win.

This partnership is a serious springboard success story that has vaulted Glacial Wood faster than taking two stairs at a time. Maintaining that momentum has meant staying on the leading edge of floating stairway design and tread manufacturing techniques.


Naturally, we’re up to the challenge and are literally thinking “outside the box,” because floaters are often anything but square-cornered. Today’s designers and architects are implementing all kinds of interesting angles and curvatures into their visions. Somebody needs to know how to build those complicated forms. Our team confidently says it might as well be Glacial Wood.

Here’s another wonderful thing that happens when a shop becomes a kick-ass miracle worker on a new frontier. You begin sourcing premier materials in such volume that costs drop like an escalator. For example, Glacial’s buying power on gorgeous, 4-inch-thick Brazilian Cherry for signature floating stairways is better than even the “Big Box” fabricators who primarily source boring woods like Red Oak. Makes me giggle with delight.

So, does all this floating tread/riser business make us lose sight of our baluster, newel, and spindle roots? No sir. It only makes us the obvious choice for all custom wood fabrication on stairways … every step of the way.

We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.