By Glacial Wood / January 28, 2016

More Than Design: Squared Parts for Wood Projects

You have a unique need, or require a solution to your problem. Let’s say you’re working with a cabinetmaker or stair maker to complete your project. You assumed all components of the woodworking project would be completed, and furnished by whoever is constructing it. Right? That’s not always the case, as some of your required parts need to be procured from specialized sources.


Most woodworking projects require square parts – and the word “part” is an important distinction at Glacial Wood. What we manufacture as a tier two manufacturer are the components our clients need to complete, enhance, or complement their final products. We specialize in turned wood, which isn’t always rounded. Squared parts are a big piece of what we do, too. Woodturning is defined as the action of shaping wood with a lathe – which is a tool that cuts and shapes wood into various shapes. Square, round, oval, concave … our craftsman can take blanks and transform them into endless parts.


External shapes of parts complete the look of your final projects. What is missing from your staircase – like the architectural pieces including railings, balusters, posts, and columns are the parts Glacial Wood crafts. Your kitchen cabinets have function, they’ll house your items and store your food, but squared parts will make them masterpieces with island legs or corbels that are as decorative as they are functional.


Whether the squared parts you’re looking for are decorative or structural in nature, each piece is designed and crafted by one of our teammates, carefully sanded using a trained eye and practiced hands. Wood squared tapered legs increase the visual interest to any bath vanity, furniture, or kitchen project. Some of the types of squared wood parts we typically manufacture include:

A great piece of woodworking begins with knowing how to choose the right type and piece of wood. You have to consider the details associated with work, like the grades and the cut. Whether wood is plain-sawn, rift-sawn, or quarter-sawn will have a different impact on your squared part because of the grain of the wood.


At Glacial Wood, we are the actual manufacturer. What this means is with any part you’re in search of for your product and any quantity, you’ll be met with custom woodturnings that are handcrafted just for your project. Our team can manufacture and craft any species of wood into what unique design you wish. Our use of CNC technology enables us to produce everything from accents to support columns.

If you’re restoring a home or commercial space and need custom stair parts to match the integrity of the original design, Glacial Wood can work with you to replicate your parts, or modify any designs involved. There isn’t a catalogue so you won’t be limited to what we have in stock. We stock raw materials instead of finished products because we don’t know what products you have in mind; we’re fluid and responsive when it comes to your needs. We can build anything – from a hand-sketched drawing, pattern part, or even from a prototype that didn’t work for you. Get started with your quote here.


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.