By Glacial Wood / August 5, 2016

Our House of Lean: an Infographic

We talk about lean manufacturing quite often when we refer to our business because we believe it’s unique to our process. And, it’s also a probably little-known secret when it comes to turned wood and squared parts. Because our clients rely on us for our custom products, the unique and out of the ordinary parts that complete their projects whether commercial or residential, they might not fully understand why lean is so important to us. Lean manufacturing is in our philosophy, our process, and our people. Here’s a visual representation of what our house of lean looks like.

Our House of Lean: An Infographic


Continuous improvement. This is the foundation of our lean philosophy. As a company, we have plenty to say about our bottom line, but we’re proud to say that it’s not just about revenue or profit. There is so much value to be recognized in the entire manufacturing process from quality to quantity to satisfaction. With lean as our infrastructure, we can drive every business decision from this philosophy. This helps protect us from being complacent in our business initiatives, and ensures we’re continuing to challenge our team to be innovative, inquisitive, and always at the forefront of bringing change


Glacial Wood’s lean initiatives have granted a warm welcome to our house of lean. The entrance to our home is about the elements that leave the best first impression of where we live, and who our family is. Lean mostly translates to an improvement in process. In our case, it’s in how we build and manufacture our custom turned wood and squared parts. Lean manufacturing reduces seven kinds of waste, which appeals to anyone regardless of industry. In a perfect value stream, products are produced reliably, efficiently, with good, and in sufficient quality. Implementing lean within our company granted us the best possible way to deliver on those elements.


Glacial Wood is about people, for people. Our lean implementation means we identify the value as perceived by the customer. A repeatable process means we provide our customers what they want every time. We supply quality parts and components every time. And, we deliver our services on time, at the right place for the customer every time. This is the culmination of lean – how it impacts people. And, not just our customers and most reliable friends; this concept also benefits our team. We harbor a workforce that recognizes the process with standardized work and increased efficiencies. Glacial Wood’s team employs the right empowerment, too. If anywhere along the value stream should be interrupted according to lean principles, our team knows that and is able to recognize the pause that needs to occur to effectively handle it.


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