Our Process


We partner with clients from any industry looking for any type of custom, made to order wood manufacturing. We meet the needs of cabinet manufacturers, stair builders, interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, research and development teams, hobbyists, and more. In a way we specialize in nothing and everything at the same time. Here’s what we mean.

We don’t have a showroom full of prototypes or a catalogue full of specific designs. The unique, varying needs of our wide range of customers are what we specialize in. Glacial Wood crafts your product to your exact specifications without ever handing you something standard.

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Other woodworking manufacturers might provide you a stock product, but Glacial Wood provides a process. A process is as integral as the product or part itself. Glacial Wood provides you with the very best quality of product, and we use lean manufacturing methods. Working with a company that can repeat its process over and over while maintaining the same levels of quality, service, and satisfaction means your project or client will reap those benefits too. Lean manufacturing is more than just environmentally friendly. It's respectful, cost-effective manufacturing with a focus on continuous improvement.

Every single aspect of production takes place in our facility in Brooten, MN. Our dedicated team of craftsmen on the production floor have over 80 years of combined wood crafting and fabrication experience. Initiating a project with our company looks like this:

Our Process

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