On The Floor

Ryan Felton

Ryan Felton | Draftsman

Ryan spends his time working with the sales team on custom orders, creating new product lines, and editing previous products to modify specifications for updated orders. He’s the guy who actually writes the machine files – meaning, how the machines turn the parts. Ryan began his career in waste management, and with the start of 2017, was promoted to Head Draftsman. He focuses on organizing and streamlining production data and files to create a more effective and lean system for historical as well as future reference. And you might still see Ryan on the floor every now and then, occasionally he’ll hop on a machine to see one of his projects come to life. Ryan believes Glacial Wood’s biggest strength is versatility. To him, it’s rewarding to see what our team can concept, craft, and create.

Life outside the shop is just that for Ryan – outside. He enjoys the outdoors, snowboarding in the winter, and spends as much time in the woods as he can. He says he still climbs trees at his age. He’s also a motorhead, and currently owns four vehicles.

Sheila Holme

Sheila Holme | Quality Control

Sheila handles Quality Control and is highly focused on ensuring the projects made here are what meets the quality, expectation, and needs of our clients. A large portion of that is managing safety and on-time delivery standards. She plays many roles – finish sanding, leading the rest of the QC team on training, and continuing to improve on the efficiency of the overall operation. Sheila also lends her expertise to the shipping team as the finished products are received, double-and-triple-checked for accuracy, and packaged for safe, reliable delivery. Sheila’s is always amazed at how well everyone at Glacial Wood works together as one entity, not as separate teams. The depth of talent is what Sheila appreciates most about this company.

Her hobbies include arts and crafts and yes, woodworking at home. She also enjoys the outdoors for fishing, horseback riding, and just playing outside!

Tim Carson

Tim Carson | Milling

The first step in the physical process of wood turning comes in Milling which Tim handles. This step happens after drafting sets up the project’s parameters and scope. In the simplest terms, it’s taking lumber and turning it to blanks for the lathes to turn. Sawing, planing, gluing, and sanding are all part of the process. Tim has been part of nearly every Milling task in some capacity. Tim says Milling is about the blanks and the foundation … but move further down the line and you’ll see the beauty emerge. Things have changed so much over the years Tim says his career has never felt stagnant, citing the growth from a small shop to the dynamic operation of today as the number one factor in the company’s and team members’ success.

Tim favors the outdoors but tends to appreciate it in the non-winter months. He enjoys biking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, and spending time with his family, which includes his first granddaughter.

Mike Hokanson

Mike Hokanson | Lathe

Mike is lead lathe operator. He’s tasked with paying close attention to the machines themselves and how they’re equipped and set up to run the blanks. Mike’s spent some time in Milling before finding his niche on the lathe team. He takes the blanks and turns them into the pieces and parts the client envisions and from there, those pieces are handed off to Quality Control or to a secondary process for further finishing or assembling. He believes the amount of dedication, expertise, and quality that goes into every piece of wood Glacial Wood handles is what makes this company stand out in our industry.

Mike’s an outdoorsman who likes hunting and fishing year-round.

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