Our Work

At Glacial Wood, we are interested in the scope of every project our customers present us. We are flexible and often collaborate with customers to give them what they want, with showing them other ways their needs can be met. Our team of craftsmen combine for over 80 years of turned wood and squared parts experience, and they have delivered beautiful work of varying scope in their tenure. Each project has presented its own nuances, set of circumstance, and story. That’s where we shine, meeting those requirements each and every time.

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Cabinets are the face of kitchens, home offices, and bathrooms. Showcase them best with parts from Glacial Wood.


All components of staircases including newels, finials, and balusters are customizable to your specifications. Our innovation in stair parts keeps us at the forefront of wood turning technology.


The spaces in your home are intimate and safe. Glacial Wood’s furniture parts are all crafted with that vision in mind.


We handcraft toys instead of making them. As this genre and trends continue to change and evolve, Glacial Wood is at the ready and responsive to what customer needs will be, and where the demand will come from.

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