By Glacial Wood / February 2, 2017

Packaging Matters: How Packaging Can Make or Break an Order

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When it comes to choosing the right custom turned wood parts for your discerning clients, quality is undoubtedly your first priority – after all, the parts you source are a direct reflection of you and your brand. While attention to quality, consistency, and repeatability are all imperative, vendor packaging also has a tremendous impact on client satisfaction rates, which in turn, impacts your bottom line.

Your customers expect high-quality parts to arrive at their shop, work site, or project location in showroom condition; anything less than perfect packaging leads to lost productivity for your client and unrepairable damage to your reputation as a trusted vendor.

Packaging Matters: How packaging can make or break an order

If a shipment arrives in a flimsy crate, broken-down box, or is lacking the proper padding, you can be sure your client will notice the apparent lack of care involved in the shipping process. The same goes for parts that are over-packed with piles of excessive bubble wrap, foam padding, and other materials that can be costly and time-consuming for your customer to dispose of.


Remember that carriers and couriers are often unaware of the contents of a vendor shipment, and simply sticking a ‘fragile’ label on a box won’t guarantee that the parts will be handled with extra care during transit. The onus lies on you, the purchasing agent, to choose a supplier that both recognizes the value of proper packaging, and has the capacity to fulfill your specific vendor packaging requirements.


When choosing a vendor, seek companies with a proven track record of supplying both high-quality items, and ensuring those items reach their end-users on time and in perfect condition. Ask for references from other purchasing agents who have contracts with each vendor you are vetting, and be sure to ask direct questions regarding the vendor packaging process and satisfaction rates.

Questions to ask prospective vendors regarding vendor shipment policies include:

Your customers count on you to source and supply products that arrive in excellent condition – it’s up to you to choose a vendor that recognizes the value of premium-quality, zero-waste vendor packaging as a key component to exceeding client expectations on every single order.


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