Draftsman creating CAD files for custom roped newels

Other woodworking manufacturers might provide you a stock product, but Glacial Wood provides a process. A process is as integral as the product or part itself. Glacial Wood provides you with the very best quality of product, and we use lean manufacturing methods. Working with a company that can repeat its process over and over while maintaining the same levels of quality, service, and satisfaction means your project or client will reap those benefits too.

Our process, like our parts, is custom. You don’t have to meet any criteria or even feel confident in your request. That’s what we’re here for. To keep you successful, relevant, and inspired. It can be as simple as choosing a focus to highlight throughout your project.

We encourage all potential and existing customers to reach out to us when presented with a woodturning or squared part procurement request. Our draftsmen and craftsmen have been perfecting processes and experimenting with raw materials for decades. We can help you find your bigger, guiding idea to influence your design decisions.

Our dedicated team of craftsmen on the production floor have over 80 years of combined wood crafting and fabrication experience.

Need help with ideas for you design? Check out this wood turning Design Inspiration Guide (PDF).

Initiating a project with our company looks like this:


Provide a rendering, photo, sketch, or actual part of what you're looking to have custom made. The more detail the better, but our team can help fill in the blanks where you're unsure. 

STEPS 2 & 3

We concept the idea, make recommendations where necessary, and give a quote based on the scope. 

You approve the pricing. 

STEPS 4 & 5

The concept is further mapped out, a drawing is created by our in-house draftsmen, and sent to you for approval. 

You approve the drawing. 


Manufacturing begins on your custom project. 


Upon completion, we ship it to your facility or directly to your job site.