By Glacial Wood / December 23, 2016

Quality, Consistency, and Repeatability – Why They Matter to Your Process

Finding quality turned wood from vendors that matter to your project isn’t easy. It would be great if we could determine the quality and value of a turned wood and squared parts manufacturer just by looking at a website but there’s much more to being your own quality advocate than that. Here’s our recommended process for choosing the right wood parts maker for your next projects. Once you find the vendor you’re happy with consistently, you’ve got a friend for life.


The qualities, skills, talents, and abilities of turned wood craftsmen are not fixed traits. That’s why we always recommend shopping around to find a partnership with a turned wood manufacturer who will add value to your projects, consistently, and in a manner that is repeatable.

Quality, Consistency and Repeatability - Why They Matter to Your Process


#1: Quality 

Always look for the quality of craftsmanship that your chosen company produces. At Glacial Wood, for example, we wear our past work on our sleeve with pride. We include our case studies and testimonials right on our site for all prospective clients to see.

#2: Consistency

Consistency is the key to success. To us, it means that not only are we compatible with a client on one project but on all of the subsequent projects they bring to our shop.

#3: Repeatability

When it comes to turned wood and squared parts, repeatability can’t be stressed enough. The parts of a turned wood project must be in perfect harmony with each other.


Don’t cut corners: It’s easy to consider turning over your plans to the first turned wood and squared parts manufacturer you come across but cutting corners like that is risky business.

Do vet your vendors: Not all vendors are as good as their website makes them out to be. Talk to past clients and try to get a feel for what the vendor is like to work with, from the planning stage to the final payment.

Don’t choose the lowest price: You get what you pay for is not just an old adage, it’s 100% true when it comes to manufacturing. Bargain basement prices mean that your manufacturer is skimping on something in the process, whether it’s the level of skill their craftsmen possess or the quality of their raw materials. At Glacial Wood, materials matter a lot to us. You won’t find the lowest prices here, but you will walk away with outstanding parts for your wood projects.

Do be clear in expectations: Walk into your chosen vendor confident and with a firm set of expectations. You may have to be flexible on things like time and budget, but at the end of the day, your list of demands is what will get your vendor aligned with your specific vision. We start every project by discussing all of the possibilities to meet the client’s needs. That way we iron out the details up front and avoid costly mistakes due to miscommunication.


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.