By Glacial Wood / April 18, 2017

Quality from First to Last — the Significance of Repeatability

When it comes to turned wood and squared parts, it’s critical to know that each piece will fit with all the others for perfect harmony. The beauty, quality, and durability of your finished project depend on it.

When you’re looking for the right wood supplier, repeatability can’t be stressed enough. Not every wood manufacturer can demonstrate a quality that’s repeatable. At Glacial Wood, our manufacturing process helps guarantee that the last piece in your order is as good as the first.


Repeatability is the degree to which you can produce the same consistent results over time. Low repeatability will produce scattered results, like a shotgun instead of a rifle. The goal of most manufacturers is to produce the same high-quality product every time. Not every wood supplier can demonstrate high repeatability, so it’s important to vet suppliers thoroughly. 

intricate wood pattern showing repeatability


Finding quality turned wood from vendors isn’t trivial, because the craftsmanship and process that go into the product aren’t commodities. You need to find a wood supplier that can provide quality, consistency, and repeatability every time.

At Glacial Wood, we achieve repeatability by using a lean manufacturing process. Lean manufacturing helps guarantee the highest quality product by reducing seven kinds of waste:

  • Overproduction
  • Waiting time for operators and machines
  • Unnecessary transportation
  • Inappropriate processing
  • Excess inventory
  • Non-value-added motion
  • Quality defects

We continually look for opportunities to improve our process and cut down on waste. And that translates to greater repeatability for a higher quality product.


Our lean process gives our production team the ownership to be their best for greater repeatability. While lean principles support building with less waste, we’re also building with more at Glacial Wood. More team empowerment. More added value. More repeatability for more client satisfaction.

We deliver repeatability you can count on. That’s our promise to you, as a strategic business partner for your success. Whether it’s the first or the last quantity in your order, you can expect quality and consistency that’s repeatable from Glacial Wood.


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