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At Glacial Wood, no two projects are the same when we make everything custom. We’ve learned a lot along the way and hope this blog can answer some questions you may have about your next project.

Six Distinct staircase styles: An In-Depth Look

Every staircase begins with extensive engineering and design knowledge. Take into consideration the designation of the staircase – is it front or supporting? Intended usage? Form and function has a direct impact on convenience and functional usage of staircases, and it helps to remember the area of the house or building the staircase occupies is…

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Wood Species: What is Best for Staircase Longevity?

Stair projects especially deserve extra consideration when it comes to deciding on what wood species will serve the client best. Once stairs are placed, they shouldn’t have to be torn down for issues with warping or wear and tear. Our own craftsmen create turned wood and squared parts for all kinds of custom project needs, which…

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3 Steps to Ensure On-Time Delivery with Your Wood Supplier

When you’re in the procurement business, on-time delivery can mean the difference between a really good day and a really long day. While there are some aspects of delivery you cannot control, there are ways to ensure on-time delivery from your vendors.  First, let me say this: if getting on-time delivery from your vendors was easy,…

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4 Types of Material Suppliers and Their Impact on Your Business

Most often, wood crafting companies purchase large quantities of seemingly simple wood parts that perform a vital function in their final pieces but are unrealistic for them to produce for themselves. Whether it’s because the company lacks the proper machinery or the task is simply outside their scope of work, working with material suppliers in some…

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Tips for Ensuring Your Vendors Provide On-time Deliveries

You depend on your suppliers for on-time delivery. If your order arrives late, it creates a domino effect that can put the success of your project at stake. A late delivery means you’re paying the production team for work they can’t perform until the shipment arrives. Your schedule gets pushed back, which affects delivery to…

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6 Signs It’s Time to Switch Vendors

Regardless of your company’s size, you deserve top-quality treatment from your vendors. But switching suppliers isn’t simple. There are costs, it’s disruptive, and it impacts your business operations. You’ll need to weigh the costs and benefits of switching vendors or staying with your current supplier. Does your current vendor deserve your business? Here are six…

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