By Glacial Wood / February 4, 2016

Serenity & Texture: 2016 for a Designer’s Workbook

As you take a look at the year past and think about the year ahead, one thing is for certain. It’s time for a change. Design trends for 2016 are sure to be inspiring and they will tempt you to alter the designs you may already have in place for your hotel or other commercial project. A number of key changes are likely to take place this year but one thing you can count on is that this year will be all about serenity and texture. How are you incorporating the latest trends in the commercial interior design industry into your upcoming and current projects?


Interior design will take a few unique turns this year. You’ll see everything from some contemporary designs returning to the use of more textures. Many professionals are focusing on creating calm and soothing spaces. With all of the connectivity and interactivity present in today’s world, creating a calm location is necessary. To do this, there’s a unique blend of neutral colors and soft textures. A more simplistic and refined elegance should be expected rather than bright and bold “look at me now” spaces. Natural textures, like those of wood, are naturally soothing and quiet.



Geometric design is also becoming popular in this realm. The use of old materials paired with stunning geometric cuts is playing a role in many designed spaces. You’ll also see innovative new patterns used with natural stones and wood. Patterns such as chevron and herringbone are likely to come back at least in part this year. Another key trend you will see playing out this year is the desire for a more peaceful mindset. This will bring with it the need for more natural settings. We’ll see more natural elements brought into spaces. This means the inclusion of more wood and stone overall. These materials will remain staples in interior design this year. Incorporation of natural light, less artificial light, and a reduced energy look will help to create that peaceful area people are looking for in all areas of their life.


While this turn to a natural and serene setting is important, you will also see more technology built into lifestyles. From the use of more artisan crafts to the use of tech top surface charging stations, it is sure to be a unique blend. You’ll see a trend towards using LED lighting, for example, rather than using traditional lights. You’ll see less cluttered cables and cords stored away. Each of these design trends will impact interior design in a variety of ways. Architectural and design shifts will focus on the simplistic and the soft. If it is soothing and relaxing, it is going to be desired here. This will mean adding stunning features such as bistro tables made of fine wood with white quartz countertops. It means the use of furniture with softer geometric features to create the sensation of relaxation.


Designers will find a wide range of inspiration this year. Keys to implementing these trends will mean:

  • Taking more from nature and natural elements
  • A focus on using more contemporary patterns to emulate calm areas
  • Technology will need to offer more functionality

Interior design trends like these will impact a variety of industries this year. Within the hospitality industry, we’ll see the need to create more serene escapes inspired by nature. You’ll find this will mean the incorporation of natural elements, neutral colors, and stunning geometric shapes.


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