By Glacial Wood / September 16, 2016

Stairs Out There: Considering The Design of Stairs Outside Your Home

Enhance the look and curb appeal of any home by including an outdoor stair design that features natural wood materials. Glacial Wood can help you create a unique innovative system with outdoor stairways that can make the stairs a focal point of the homes exterior decor. Whether you need an exterior stairway for a front entry, stairs leading down from a porch or deck, or any other exterior application, Glacial Wood is able to help you create an amazing design that will increase the value of the home.


When creating an outdoor stairway, one of the first things to consider is the safety of those using the stairs. Exterior systems are subject to the elements and should be designed with the safety of the home owner and family in mind as well as others who might use the stairway. Any design of an exterior stairway should also include sturdy railings and posts that can provide plenty of support while being long lasting. Glacial Wood specializes in creating custom balusters, newel posts and railings that can stand up to the elements like rain and snow. By using the right support elements, you can create a stylish and safe system that adds to the look of the home.

Stairs Out There Considering The Design of Stairs Outside Your Home


Builders often question the value of building an external stairway system with natural wood, citing an increased cost in materials, but it has been noted that many homeowners would prefer the rich look and durability of wood over other materials. When designed properly, the wood creations will enhance the look of the home and provide a warm, welcoming feeling where concrete gives off a colder, more industrial feel. Homeowners want their homes to be inviting right from the start. The right design of stairs will create curb appeal that helps to improve the value of the home and gives the homeowner greater benefit.

Exterior stairway designs can include a number of different elements by combining natural wood with stone or concrete pavers to give the system a unique appeal that makes the home design stand out or make the stairway blend into the natural surroundings by using natural wood that is indigenous to the area. Using native materials can often be a added benefit to the homes value. It also helps to tie in the home to the local community without standing out too much.


The home’s first impression is critical to its value. The right stairway can give the home just the right amount of personality that a home owner is looking for. Stairways can create an elegant and inviting atmosphere or they can be a detriment that comes across as just an afterthought. It is important to consider the impression that is achieved by the type of stairway that is being created for the home. Give the home more value by taking time to create an exterior system that invites use rather than just being functional. It will make a difference.

When you want to give your home design more value, come see us at Glacial Wood for some unique ideas on external stairway systems and materials.

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