By Glacial Wood / August 25, 2016

The Future of Stair Building: Innovative Designs for the 21st Century

Staircases are the main heart of your home. Yet, many people don’t realize just how important stairs are for the overall design and comfort level of your home. You simply get used to going up and down the stairs all the time, so much so that you forget just how amazing this ingenious work of art truly is. This is why it is so important that you choose a staircase that is going to bring life into your home and create an awe-inspiring space all at the same time. If you are looking for a new staircase, check out some of these top staircase design trends this year.


One of the top staircase design ideas for designers everywhere are glass staircases with an industrial feel. When you add a glass staircase to your home, it allows more light to enter into your space. Not only does glass look amazing, but it works great for modern home designs as well. Glass is also easy to clean, which is great for those who have little ones in the home.

Make sure you go with a glass panel that is going to accentuate your current home design. With this particular staircase design in place, people will love looking at your new staircase design. Glass also creates the illusion of having more space, which is ideal in smaller homes.


The fusion staircase design is ideal for those who want something a little edgier. With this design trend, you combine various materials together such as timber and iron to create a mixture of materials that are both durable and appealing to look at. Fusing together various elements helps to bring out the modern aspects in your home. Make sure to think about the different design elements before you settle down on which two to use. When mixing materials, you want to choose a simple design with only a minimal amount of turns.


Many individuals are looking for a staircase design that is unique to their individual space. They don’t want something that everyone else around them has. Their goal is to find something that stands out from all of the other staircase design trends out there. With this particular staircase design, the customer is the one in control of what the end result is going to be. Because of this, the whole staircase design is going to be unique and individualized based on what the customer is looking to achieve in the end.

This is where the team at Glacial Wood can come in and help. All of the newels and baulsters for heh railing systems are custom-made to fit exactly what the customer wants. Since the work is highly-specialized and aimed at solving the needs of the client, the only one who can limit the design is that of the client themselves. For those who want customized wood turnings, you can get just what you need right here.

Completing a staircase project doesn’t have to be complicated when you know what it is that you want. Once you have your design in mind, all you have to do is give the specifications to the team at Glacial Wood and they can get to work cutting the materials for you. Everything is done according to you exact measurements and specifications. Unleash your creative genius and choose a staircase design that is going to awe and inspire you.


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