By Glacial Wood / May 30, 2017

Truly Customized to Fit Your Needs as an Interior Designer

One of the biggest challenges you can face as an interior designer is the need to deliver the style of interior that properly fits the taste and image of your client without it becoming just another cookie-cutter project. This is especially true when you enter the world of corporate interior design.

Most corporations have a specific image they want to convey. As a designer, it is your goal to stay within that image but at the same time create a custom work of art that you can be proud of and your clients will be thrilled with.

One great way to bring those unique touches to your next project is through the use of custom turned wood. This is where Glacial Wood can help. We can take your custom design and turn it into the custom turned wood piece that will set your work apart from the competition.


From the rustic beauty of oak to the warm glow of walnut and simple elegance of cherry, there is no other medium that allows as much room for artistic expression as wood. Infinitely shapeable within the characteristics of each type of wood, if you can design it, a custom turned and squared wood part can be created to fit your specifications.

You can create high-contrast designs by mixing different colors and grains of wood. Create imaginative pieces from Minimalist to complex Baroque designs. The only limitations are those of your imagination.

Best of all, your designs will be executed in a renewable resource and have that welcoming glow that only natural wood can deliver.


At Glacial Wood, the word custom is at the core of what we do. All of our creations are produced one at a time by our team of master craftsmen. We have no catalogue because we do not manufacture wood parts. We produce custom pieces to the exacting specifications of our clients.

The way we work is simple. You bring us your custom design. It can be a drawing, sketch, photograph, blueprint or mock-up. Our design specialist will go over your wood options and make recommendations based on your design and target effect. Each type of wood has its own characteristics that can only be learned through experience, and with more than 80 years of combined experience in our shop, we have learned what does and doesn’t work.

Once your custom design is finalized, it will be turned over to our master craftsmen. Though we do have some of the best technology available, in our shop, our team members are the real secret to what we do.

Through their extensive knowledge of the woods they love, and their skills born from their dedication to old-world craftsmanship, they will take your design and shape it in your chosen wood with the special care only true lovers of their craft can deliver.


Interior design can be a very competitive field to work in. Making your mark and standing out from the crowd takes time, dedication, imagination and a little something extra. Custom turned wood can provide you with that little bit of detailing that separates good interior design work from the great and makes people really take notice.

Contact Glacial Wood and allow us to show you the beauty of what we do. You’ll be amazed at how simple we can make it to use custom turned wood in your next design project.


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