By Glacial Wood / June 20, 2017

Turning Designers into Heroes

Is it possible that you are letting your clients and customers down? You know the feeling. Your client has a “strange” or “interesting” request for the space. No matter if this is a small company project or a large residential development, you are tasked with trying to figure out a solution. Whether it is a design element or something necessary to create an overall theme, you don’t want to let your client down, but you can’t find a solution.

It’s frustrating.

Turning Designers into Heroes

And, it’s bad for business.

What if you could become a hero for your customer or client instead? With the right resources available to you, you can do just that.


In many situations, interior designers are faced with big decisions to make. You need something a very specific size. Or, you need a wood product that you just can’t find. You may be scratching your head wondering exactly where they got this idea, but the fact is, you may be missing the market for your clients for one simple reason. You may think your only options are those available in catalogues or from trusted retailers. The fact is, customized pieces are very much within reach.

In other words, you can give your customers anything they need and want if you turn to a custom designed solution. If you want to be your customer’s hero, the fact is, you need to turn to these professionals.


At Glacial Wood, you’ll find a wide range of solutions available to you. Of course you can buy the items you need ready made and ready to go out the door. However, when you are tasked with needing something truly heroic in nature (like that very small, very tight piece) you need the customization that Glacial Wood can offer.

In our woodturning custom design process, it is possible to create a very exact product that meets your specific needs. Every element from the materials to the shape can be created in a way that meets your specific needs. What’s more, it does not necessarily take any more time or any more effort on your part to get this type of specialized work completed. In other words, you can get exactly what your client needs usually without any type of delay and you get to wear your hero cape as a direct result.


Let’s face it, as a designer, every project is important to you. You need to impress this client or contractor holder because it will ultimately determine if that person continues to work with you or works with you again in the future. Because Glacial Wood creates 100 percent custom products that meet the very specific needs of the client, you will have no trouble meeting those goals.

We can turn you into a hero in the eyes of your customer. You’ll end up with beautiful, American-made woodturnings and squared parts that are made to their exact specifications every time. Even better, our team uses lean principles, another key factor that many customers appreciate. The end result is that you end up being able to achieve the goals of the project, you reduce your own stress and workload, and you get to offer something unique to your customers that they cannot get from any other provider.

All of that equals one thing in the eyes of the customer. You solved the problem, achieved the goal, and became a hero. Let’s talk about how our woodturning custom design process can change the way you operate your business and impress your clients and customers.


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.