By Glacial Wood / June 5, 2019

Turning “How Can You Do That?” Into “We Did That.”


Aroma-savvy people buy Hyascent products for the diffused fragrances they emit. But, just as dazzling to their senses is the elegant visual design of the diffusers. At their core is a delicate, intriguing wooden wafer that functions as the organic delivery “wick” for the fragrance.

Despite its inherent simplicity, Hyascent customers look at that cool wooden creation and wonder “How in the heck did they make that?” At Glacial Wood, where each of those wooden wicks are meticulously crafted, our answer to that question is “Making those is a piece of cake.”


So, how can we so easily turn a retailer’s wooden product design into a large-scale reality? It begins with ingenuity and talent – blended with select raw materials – and ending with having the right tools for the job. In the case of those beautiful and funky Hyascent wicks, that right tool is a metal-working lathe that we redesigned and fabricated to turn it into a woodworking lathe. Where there’s a will, there is always a way.

Pretty smart re-purposing of a machine, right? It absolutely was, and it’s that kind of nimble innovation that allows us to do what others can’t and ultimately deliver on our customers’ visions – no matter how complicated or seemingly impossible.

Another great example is the work we do for Lumberlend. They sell these awesome baseball bat mugs, custom to the nines. You haven’t had a beer until you’ve tipped one out of the fat half of a bat! To build the mugs, we rolled up our sleeves and retrofitted equipment that once bored out artillery shells for the military. Explosive thinking! Pun fully intended.

Customers like Hyascent and Lumberlend are jazzed by the way our minds (and hands) work at Glacial. It’s a competitive world out there in fabricationland, and if you’re not clever and willing to really grind out the labor, then “Sayonara” to you, friend. You’ve gotta put up your dukes against competitors vying for the same business. Do it better. Do it faster. Do it so that the final product is an unbelievable thing of beauty, and one that’s easy to replicate because it’s a custom product we truly created the process for.


Now, sometimes you butt heads against a big Chinese factory that promises to do things for nickels against your dimes. If a customer opts for that kind of low-cost/high-volume stuff, then we politely step aside and wish them the best of luck. They almost always bump into longer lead times, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out delivery, and rollercoaster tariff-driven pricing.

Operating right here in the USA has plenty of benefits vs. that overseas nonsense. Glacial is located firmly in the middle of the continent in Minnesota, so shipping is efficient and centralized. Plus, customers get that legendary “Minnesota Nice” attention and honesty. We’re trusted advisors who jump right into our customers’ planning phases, to ultimately save them time and money before we even turn on the machines to start making dreams a reality.

Is this the way every custom wood fabricator should conduct business? Probably. Do they? Not even close. And that’s fine with us. Because our attention to detail and decency is what sets us apart, and it’s something that nothing (not even price) can compete against.

We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.