By Glacial Wood / September 6, 2016

What Stair Builders Are Tasked With

Are you a professional stair builder looking for unique, custom-designed top-notch solutions for your stair projects? The good news is that it is possible to engage with a manufacturer as a stair builder – you aren’t (or, shouldn’t be) at the mercy of someone who has a limited catalogue or capacity to design what you need. As a stair builder, you are tasked with nearly every aspect of your craft. That is a lot, to be frank. Enlisting the design and manufacturing capabilities of a wood turning specialist can be the difference in your game … and sanity. 

What Stair Builders are Tasked With


As a stair builder, you want quality and a repeatable process when it comes to procuring your stair parts. A custom turned wood manufacturer not only helps optimize the performance of your products, but also your final product costs. A truly custom manufacturer won’t sell standard turned wood or squared parts that hopefully produces a desirable result; rather they customize a stair component or part based on your specifications. With an expert team of draftsmen and craftsmen ready to assist you from design, into prototyping, through production, and into your hands, you’ll appreciate a repeatable production process.

So what’s in it for you? 

The most distinguishing attribute about wood manufacturing companies like Glacial Wood is our design process – which is 100 percent custom. We don’t have a catalogue so you’re not limited in your staircase design because we can create nearly anything you conjure up. This will help establish you as a leading stair builder, and an innovative one at that.

The major advantage to this approach is that your custom designed projects will be as diverse and unique as your customers and projects are.


Glacial Wood has implemented what is referred to as a lean manufacturing process, which is in stark contrast to the conventional ways of doing traditional production-style business. This method has helped streamline the production process by getting rid of wastefulness and promoting cost effectiveness.
These are some of the outstanding advantages of a lean manufacturing process as it relates to stair builders:

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • High-quality service
  • Cost effective materials
  • Provision of specifically turned wood and or square parts needed
  • Wealth of experience – team members in the right spots
  • Impressive bottom-line appreciation 
  • Environmentally friendly and respectful of nature
  • Just-in-time delivery structure 

Turning a creative idea into a tangible product that goes out into the world of staircase design and function can turn into a profitable idea that keeps your business afloat. This requires budget management and a reliable manufacturing partner. Whether you’re ready to start producing on a larger scale, just getting started, or looking for a low minimum batch partner, consider Glacial Wood.


Another significant benefit inherent to Glacial Wood is the removal of a tedious and complicated purchasing process from a disconnected third party or vendor.

The words “custom” and “manufactured” are not two you necessarily use interchangeably. When most people think of manufacturing, they conjure up traditional images of assembly lines where identical products are sent down the conveyor belt toward the shipping area, as done as the pieces will ever get. That’s just not the case anymore.

Today, given the improvements in technology and processes, manufacturing is becoming a bit more complex and dynamic, which allows you to take on more and more work that you would have never envisioned before. These include smaller jobs with higher requirements which result in the production of custom products, tools, and materials to be produced to meet very specific needs and functions. Stair builders have exact requirements that fulfill industry standards for both safety and inspection, yet the rest of the design and intention that goes into staircases is anything but standard.

Demand more. Demand Glacial Wood.

We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.