By Glacial Wood / May 20, 2016

What We Love About the Stairbuilders & Manufacturers Association

Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association also known as SMA is an association for stair industry professionals. These professionals and homeowners alike can all benefit from the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association publications, their knowledge base, and also their industry networking programs. By joining the association, members enjoy unique opportunities to network with the best in the business. Members learn how to claim their professional status. At Glacial Wood, we appreciate everything SMA stands for and supports, and our association grants us the ability to support the industry firsthand.

SMA offers a unique arena in which its members can advertise their products and services in their newsletter and the annual membership directory. They have to be in accordance with the SMA policy. The eNewsletter is distributed every three months so members can reach a huge number of the subscribers.


SMA offers the professionals a great platform where their members get a chance to fine-tune their skills. They do this by allowing hands-on demonstration during their workshops. This has proven to be the best way for members to learn. It also gives them a chance to expand their creativity as well as increase their technical know-how.

By having set standards that all members have to meet, SMA help the members work together so that they can implement positive change in the industry. It also helps them promote a common understanding among members.

Members get recognized for their work by receiving awards and certification. Members are given a chance to demonstrate their skills and also explain the whole process.


The first step to take in meeting the needs of your project is searching for a SMA professional. This has been made easy by making use of a locator map to find all professionals near you. You can also opt to search in the alphabetical listing of all the professionals that subscribe to SMA code of ethics and conduct. You can narrow the search down by selecting the state or province you are in from the drop down list. You can then type in the keyword of the service or product in the search box. You will find a link to the website and you will also get the contact form.



There are many reasons why Glacial Wood loves to partner with SMA members and other accredited, certified third parties. Some of the reasons include but are not limited to the following;

  • Members of the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association are governed by the stair codes and standards. These refer to the international Residential Stairbuilding Codes.
  • Members of the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association have vast knowledge that they gather from the conferences, workshops, forums and educational seminars that they get to attend. They also use valuable industry surveys and reports to guide their business.
  • Members at Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association are governed by a strict code of Professional Ethics and conduct.

Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association (SMA) is a source of knowledge and skill to members. It offers a unique opportunity for members to get to new levels in their businesses. By joining members are in a position to find opportunities and they have a chance to achieve their goals. The members get a chance to interact and share with experts and this is a chance to flatten the learning curve. They can deliver the highest quality in a shorter period of time. We ensure that you stay informed on the latest technology, regulation and codes and you remain in a position to deliver quality products and serviced in a timely manner and maximizing profits. Be part of a team that values you and will help boost your business in a positive direction.


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