By Glacial Wood / January 29, 2016

“Where is Your Catalogue?” – On Custom Work

If I were going to do a FAQ sheet, for Glacial Wood, this question would be at the very top of the list. Here in the office, we hear it over and over again, every day in one form or another. An interior designer will call and ask “Can you send me a catalogue?” or a restoration specialist will call “I’m working on a 1700’s Cape Cod restoration and need balusters, corbels, moldings, whatever; where can I find your catalogue to see if you have what I’m needing?”

Regardless of how the question gets asked, the answer is always the same. “We don’t have a catalogue, you are our catalogue.” As you can imagine, this usually leads to more confusion than it clears up. People are just no longer accustomed to the idea of true, custom woodwork.


In the world of architectural woodwork today, people have become used to the idea that everything is massed produced and carried as stock. You need a banister section or a column replaced or any form of square or turned woodwork, just consult a supplier’s catalogue, find the closest match you can, and order it. If you are unable to find a match and have a detailed client, then you replace all the pieces so that they look the same. Glacial Wood does things differently.

In our world, you bring us an example, drawing, blueprint, picture, or sketch and we create a true custom turned wood piece to your exact specifications. We don’t sell ready made or keep any turned wood or square parts in stock, all of our work is custom; the wood you want, shaped the way you want it down to the smallest detail. Our world is where old-school craftsmanship meets modern technology. Every piece we produce is a built-to-order piece of the woodworker’s art.


We do have the latest equipment in our shop and we do utilize the most up- to- date technology to help us assure top quality results, but what really sets us apart is the simple fact that our team members are true craftsmen in the old-world tradition. The usual process is jig up a blank, push a button, and walk away, but our team pays attention to the entire wood turning process. They handle every piece of wood with the loving care and respect that only a genuine wood lover can understand and then hand-shape it to meet your needs.

With over 80 years of combined experience, our people have a deep understanding of the nuances that every type of wood presents. Some woods like to be shaped at hard angles while others seem as if they were destined for long, curved shapes. Coaching the wood to the desired form is truly an art unto itself. This knowledge and the skills to achieve the desired results are not garnered from a book or programmed into a machine. They can only be acquired from years of hands on experience and attention to detail.


So, ask us again, “Where is your catalogue?” Our catalogue is in your hearts, your minds, or on your blueprints. Come to us with your custom woodwork needs and our in-house drafting team will work with you to perfect the design, you want, down to the smallest detail. You will then be asked to review the prepared drawings and approve them.

Once approved, our expert woodworkers will take your design and create, for you, that signature piece that is uniquely yours or your client’s’. A true one of a kind, custom piece of art created in the craftsman’s tradition of perfection produced with pride by our teammate’s hands.


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