By Glacial Wood / June 29, 2017

Your Design, Our Process, & The Point Of Impact

Glacial Wood is anything but your average wood manufacturer. All of the aspects of purchasing from a wood manufacturer that you’re not fond of, are exactly what Glacial Wood removes from the process. When you work with our team, you get customized pieces that meet your very specific needs. We’re 100 percent confident you’ll be impressed with the finished piece and, even more importantly, you’ll finally breathe a sense of relief. We’re here to meet all of your needs while also making the process of completing your project easy.


What makes Glacial Wood stand out is our custom design process. That is, we do not stock inventory. We do not even carry a catalog of our products or services. We leave it all up to you. Whatever you can come up with, whatever unique style you need, we’ll create it. This is how our design process works and why our clients come back to us time and time again.

What makes us unique?

We are 100% custom.

When an interior designer or other professional needs something crafted, they turn to us. We often provide specific turned wood or square parts for complex projects. And, we do it well. Talk to us about your custom designed needs. There’s really no limitation in terms of what we can work out or develop for you. Customization matters. You don’t want to purchase materials that are the same across the board from one project to the next. More so, you don’t want to limit the success of your project by the mass produced materials in a catalog. Custom it instead.

We often say, you can ask for the moon and stars from Glacial Wood. You’ll get it, or dang close. It is our commitment to provide you with innovative and beautiful solutions to your project’s needs.

When you have access to a team that offers custom design process services like this, you can elevate the finished product you offer to your customers and clients to the next level. They are impressed with the details you provide. They come back to you for additional projects. No matter if you are working on a project for a home or a dozen hotels, our customization makes it easy for you to stand out as well.


Because we respect the planet and want to provide you with the very best quality of product, we use lean manufacturing methods. These methods focus on using what we need, eliminating waste, and streamlining the manufacturing process to always deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations. Lean manufacturing is more than just environmentally friendly. It’s respectful, cost-effective manufacturing.

We can meet your project deadlines and demands.

Often times, commercial interior designers push aside custom manufacturers because they believe the process takes too long. The fact is, as soon as you submit work to us, we can get started and it really takes no longer than any other manufacturing process. It can be done quickly and to your specifications.


Our lean processes and your unique needs equal amazing results, every time.

Put your trust in our custom design process. We’ll impress you with superior workmanship, the very highest quality of service, and cost effective materials. Our goal is to provide you with the specific turned wood or square parts your project needs, made to the highest level possible.


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.